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Sun Vampiers

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How effectively does the author use language techniques to influence the audience? I am writing an essay on how Cayte Williams influences the audience by using language techniques in an article from the Big Issue of May 1997, on the harm that sun beds can cause. Cayte Williams's attitude towards sun beds is mostly negative. She says that essentially, they are "Big plastic cocoons filled up with high tech lights that beam down on you with a mellow hum." Throughout this article she emphasizes the negative points of sun beds, the only praise for them coming from the interviewed members of the public who use them each week. This creates quite a biased view. The overall tone of this piece is sombre as it is quite serious when drawing the reader to the side of the argument Williams has chosen. This is highlighted mostly in the first half of the piece where the author is emphasizing the negative points of sun beds. But as the piece moves on to the second half of the presentation takes on a lighter, more appealing tone I think this makes the article easier to read and not such a chore to take in. ...read more.


Then the author brings in the reality that you are actually inside a sun bed. This technique makes the reader feel like they are in control of the course of the article, encouraging them to read it further. The author has used a different approach when describing the experiences of Jane Horwood. She appears to have edited the piece to only include Jane's answers. Quotes such as "It's like smoking" and "When I got pregnant my doctor told me I couldn't go on the sun bed" Quotes like this pull the tone of the piece towards a negative side hinting that Jane knows that its doing her harm but something inside her is telling her to carry on lying under the sun bed. Other phrases that suggest this are "I used to go on it rigorously" this tells me that she wasn't shy with the amount of time that she spent baking her self. Another interesting quote that was included was "If I hadn't gotten pregnant then I would never have stopped. This quote shows us that her self control isn't the best as something has to physically stop her from being able to use the sun bed. ...read more.


By introducing characters such as Doctor Julia Newton Bishop it adds a professional view and provides accurate information. She then introduces a lot of sun bed users, this helps to provide a first person view to give there pros and cons of using a sin bed. This also provides a good source of information as the doctor may not have used a sun bed before. But Cayte Williams uses quotes such as: "It seemed his rugged outdoor tan was of the indoor variety"; "It makes you look wealthier, like you can afford regular holidays"; "Essex Man with his perennial tandoori tan." These are very negative things compared to the praise that the author has been giving the trained professionals that she was earlier interviewing. It is displayed very early on in the piece that she feels strongly against the use of sun beds. So she uses the language techniques to heavily influence the audience. And in my eyes she has pulled it off as I started to read the article with no real view on sun beds, but the information she has provided and all of the quotes from the sun bed users as well as the doctors has led me to the conclusion that sun beds are not worth all of the hassle. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

There is some effective analysis here, illustrating the use of language in the article being reviewed. However, the essay writer drifts into a general analysis, using examples of the author's manipulation that do not employ language techniques.

Paragraph construction is poor and sentence construction is marred by too many careless errors.

3 stars

Marked by teacher Jeff Taylor 24/10/2014

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