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Sunrise and Sunset. Sitting cross-legged on the beach, eyes wandering across the horizon, a young girl pushed back her windswept hair and admired the dancing waves.

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Sunrise and Sunset. Sitting cross-legged on the beach, eyes wandering across the horizon, a young girl pushed back her windswept hair and admired the dancing waves. She looked at the rising sun. She had seen countless sunrises, yet they always managed to startle her with their immense beauty. She got up, wandering down the beach, her feet sinking into the sand like it was icing. It was beautiful here. She spotted Chris, who was staring out to the sea, as if it could tell him all the answers. Almost like he could hear the thought, he turned gently and gave her a breath-taking smile. Spying one of the smoothest pebbles he had ever seen - it was oval shaped, not a single bump or lump in it a perfectly shaped pebble, he bent down and held it, his fingers caressing it as you might hold a bubble. Like a child full of e-numbers, his hand flashed out and it skimmed, three, four, five times! He spun around, dazzling her with a smile of triumph. Raising his hand, he beckoned to her with one finger, mouthing 'come on!' ...read more.


Instantly she was soaked. They wandered around in the rain for a while, going in the arcades and spending all their money in the two penny slot machines. When their pockets were empty, having won a small teddy bear and a seaside magnet, they wandered in the general direction of the bus station. Their bus was due at 4.30pm, it was 4.00 o'clock. Chris pulled her to a stop, pulling out his camera he snapped a picture of her standing by the railings. As her drenched hair dribbled water down her back she posed for him. Grinning widely at the camera. When he was eventually done, they carried on walking along the pier. Looking around, she admired the beautiful view, the sun was beginning to go down, the fiery oranges clashing with the deepest reds. Sunset was lovely, almost as good as sunrise. It marked the end of another day, something she always felt sad about. Spying a telescope, she had to put 50p in, she delved into her pockets, fumbling around for the coin she knew was in there. Bounding across the walkway, she pushed the money in and pressed her eye against the viewing lens. ...read more.


Her brother came up again; he went down for the last time. He didn't rise out of the water. Her mother was screaming, crying for her child lost in the sea. Then the beach was silent. The sunset took on a different meaning, now it wasn't just the end of the day; it was the end of her brother's life. She was crying, she was screaming. Awaking with a jump, she noticed the thin veil of sweat on her forehead, and her mouth open in a silent scream. Chris was no longer there. She got up, thanking the bus driver as she left the uninviting bus for her own home. She unlocked her door, drudging past the unopened boxes that still contained some of her brothers possessions. It had been four whole years since he had died. And she still missed her best friend every day. She was filled with the injustice at Chris's death, he died trying to save someone else, but that was just Chris, giving his life to save another. She screwed her eyes shut. When she reopened them she saw Chris standing there. He came and gave her a warm hug. Burying her face in his shoulder, Amanda smiled, because for the briefest of minutes, she had her brother back, and she was complete. ...read more.

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