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Sving private ryan

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Saving Private Ryan Coursework Directed by Steven Spielberg and acted by Tom Hanks, Saving Private Ryan, won the hearts of millions with its action packed storyline. Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) and his unit go on a mission to find Private James Ryan (Matt Damon), to tell him that his brothers have died at battle. The film also won three different types of awards. The Golden Globe, The Oscar and The Grammy. Steven Spielberg has directed the opening battle sequence to be shocking and realistic, by using desaturated colours. This is effective because it shows the difference in time from the graveyard, which is present, and Omaha beach, which is the past. Another good effect is the use of the handheld camera. The cameraman follows captain miller up the beach and then zooms in on his face. This makes it look like we're there. The final dramatic and realistic things are the special effects. The pyrotechnics, like the gunfire and explosions look real. ...read more.


The camera bobs on the water, as if we were there. We then follow Captain Miller up the shore. We hear bullets whistle across the air. The camera then goes to the Germans viewpoint. The handheld camera comes into effect and follows Miller across the beach. The sound mutes and its as if we can hear his heartbeat. A man is looking around for his arm. This is shocking because his arm is missing and its realistic because when he finds it, it looks real. The hand held camera and the muted sound then comes back into effect. Miller is gathering with his unit behind a sand bank. This scene makes the audience want to watch on. As the audience, I was shocked that the soldiers would go through that for their country. First of all we hear miller shouting 'call the search party' where they are. The handheld camera is still in use. Soldiers try to stop a man from dieing but he then gets shot in the head. ...read more.


Then a soldier played by Vin Diesel finds a knife. He gives it to a soldier and starts to get emotional. The camera cuts to soldiers lying dead on the beach. This scene effects the audience differently than all scenes because the Americans are fighting back. At the beginning of the film, at Colleville Sur Mer I thought it was going to be a boring film but when I carried on watching it I got into it. The opening battle scene is really shocking. I knew that it was going to be violent from what I already know. When James Ryan is walking through the gravestones he is really upset. If I was there I would have been sad because thousands of people died but I wasn't alive then so, I wouldn't be really upset. The opening battle scenes are shocking because stuff like this really did happen and this many people really did die. The scenes were realistic all because of the special effects. The gunfire whistling, the bombs booming and the make up looks realistic. ...read more.

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