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Taming of the Shrew Coursework I am directing the scene where big changes take place between Katherina and Petruchios' relationship as husband and wife

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Taming of the Shrew Coursework I am directing the scene where big changes take place between Katherina and Petruchios' relationship as husband and wife. Katherina's behaviour changes radically now that she is married to Petruchio and it seems so strange judging by her manner in the previous scenes. It is out of the ordinary because we are used to hearing the couple quarrel and contradict over everything. This takes place in the scenes before when Petruchio is determined to tame his wife by doing all sorts of cruel things to her such as, starving and depriving Katherina from her sleep all to break her spirit. However she stood up for herself by arguing with frustration so we will definitely notice a turning point. I am curious to know whether she is really tamed by Petruchio or is she just playing along. When Vicentio appears in the scene, it becomes quite amusing and humorous as Petruchio describes him as a 'heavenly' young lady to see how Katherina's will react to this. We also anticipate on what will happen when Vicentio arrives in Padua and finds out someone is claiming to be the father of his son. To direct act 4 Scene 5 I will need to look for the important lines starting with Katherina saying, ' The moon? The sun! ...read more.


There is a change in her attitude as she agrees to follow whatever Petruchio says. Could this be one of her methods to get what she wants or does this show the audience the taming has shown some effect on her? I think she knows what she must achieve for her to be treated in a human way and the only reason she is bothering to play along with Petruchio is because it is the only way for them to get along and their marriage to work. I also believe she has realised that as a woman in Shakespeare's time she needs to sort out her attitude and begin to act like a well behaved woman. This goes back in the previous scenes where the men criticize her and make fun of her ever getting married, 'to cart her rather! She's too rough', 'no mates for you unless you were of gentler'. It is unfair if we think about it today because no woman should have to stand up with the kind of torture Petruchio gave but in those days it was good discipline for the husband to tame a wife like that. An audience watching today could find his actions against the woman offending. On the other hand this is only because nowadays women have rights unlike Shakespeare's times. ...read more.


As thou say'st he is'. Katherina does not give up, she turns to look at Vicentio and apologises to him like she had no clue, 'pardon, old father, my mistaken eyes' she says this in a sorrowful voice to prove her attitude has not changed and she respects the old man as he is. She should walk up to him with a misguided look on her face and tap her hand on her forehead to let them know she was in the wrong. 'That have been bedazzled with the sun' whilst saying this she turns to look at Petruchio to check whether he has changed his mind again but since Petruchio does not say otherwise, she continues. 'Pardon I pray thee, for my mad mistaking'. She maintains her apologetic side to make up for her misunderstand. I think this scene is like a resolution for both of them because they learn how to co-operate with each other and Katherina accepts that they need to work together in a civil way to get what she wants and avoid the harsh taming again. Overall I can say Petruchios' clever scheme to tame Katherina paid off in the end because she managed to fight off her old spiteful, discourteous self and turn to a more pleasant and gentle wife, so in the end the both gained something out of it. By Hasina Sarwari 10CMe ...read more.

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