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Teenage survival guide

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Guide to Teenage Survival This guide to teenage survival will show and guide you through adolescence, with tips, humor, and teenage understanding. We show you how to cope with pressuring questioning from your parents about you've been, how to dump your boyfriend or girlfriend without being to harsh, and how to stop your siblings from annoying you. We also teach you how to develop your own style, which matches your personality. For example: if you a joyful person we will show what bright colors and style you would have. We show you what and techniques you use when trying to escape to a party that your parents will not allow you to go to. We give websites advice that teenagers would like for example MSN, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Skype and stuff like that. We turn you into a real teenager. Bizarre Teachers You teens out there know how strange your teachers can get. And let me tell you I've been through my fair share of bizarre teachers. Take miss Braybrooke for example, she's a teacher but hates all children. You've probably had a teacher which hates all children; I mean what's up with that. ...read more.


And just when you're at peek of tiredness, stress or anxiety they decide to say something really annoying like ''why does your trousers look like you took them off an eight year old'' or ''why does your hair look like porcupine'' and you feel like dunking their head down the toilet. But you haven't got the strength. Next time this happens just say '' shut up, you still wet the bed and you're too young to go on an adventure ride'' and walk off this will solve the situation clearly and promptly. And doesn't it just annoying you when your parents favor and take the side of your younger brother and sisters in every single situation. Like when they annoy you constantly and you say one little thing back to them and your parents say '' stop bullying your brother'' or when there's only one treat left in the cupboard and you take it, they go crying off and tell your parents and they say '' give it to your brother'' I mean just because their younger doesn't mean they have more rights. Embarrassing Parents There's no extent of how embarrassing parents can be; I think they live to embarrass us, that's how there body's run, they crave on their children's embarrassment. ...read more.


But I haven't made a solution for that I don't think anybody can unless you stop being bad but nobody want to do that. And I also hate it when your parents use the chart solution, if you haven't heard of it good for you. What it's when your mum or dad try to copy a solution from super nanny and make a pocket money chart. The solution for that is ripping it apart. But at the end of the day you parent nourish you; feed you, give you a place to live and even offer you the jester of giving you pocked money. And your teacher give an education teach you the way to live for your own sake, so you can have a really successful job and you can earn money for your future family so they can do the same. Your siblings when there grown up are best friends lend you money give you a place to live in your time of need and are the uncles and aunties of you children and love you with all their heart. All these people are so important in your life so give the respect they need. ...read more.

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