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Television is no great teacher or show stopper, but an evil machine, an evil mind-numbing machine.

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Television In the world we are living in today there are a great many people who will tell you televisions are an amazing teaching tool, or that they bring quality entertainment to millions of people around the world. This is quite simply a lie. Television is no 'great teacher' or 'show stopper', but an evil machine, an evil mind-numbing machine. You only need to look at the effects that Logi-biards contraption has on people, to see what I mean. They sit in front of trashy soap operas, with their far-fetched storylines and sub standard acting, stuffing junk food into their faces. These 'Tele-Addicts' will, with no hesitation, watch hours upon hours of programmes, wasting evening after evening in front of their 'goggle boxes'. From the very first moment they turn on their televisions, they turn off their brains and become transfixed on the screen. They begin to plan their lives around the television schedule; the T.V Guide has become their bible. ...read more.


If being the one eyed man in the world of the blind makes you king, having the remote in the land of television makes you the Emperor of all the channels before you. When you become invested you'll have the pleasure of wading through an ocean of channels, unfortunately filled with programmes that are simply not worth watching. This device known as television has no value, function, or benefit what so ever, except maybe for the starvation of creativity and imagination along with the death of family values. Years ago, before this cancer infected our society, the Childs mind were an amazing place, a blank canvas to imagination. Children used to read books or listen to the radio; these would feed their imaginations and sense of adventure, something television can never do. Books and radio took you away to distant lands with pirates, dragons, wizards and allsorts of wonderful characters. Children also used to play outside, exercise and have fun, but if you were to ask a child of the television generation if they want to play outside what would your answer be? ...read more.


Television stars and their programmes are all around us they pollute magazines, they infect billboards and they have even managed to reach The Houses Parliament with their Poison. I don't think I will ever be able to forget the day that "Free Deirdre Rashid" actually became a topic for conversation in Prime Ministers Question Time!! (What, as a nation, has become of us if we can allow this to happen?). Although television may have taken up an almost religious significance in modern day life, one day the world may see television for what it really is. The 'enemy' with in. The 'corrupter' in every home. No Divine invention is this television, but a tool of Satan! So it is in hurried closing I say "Heed my words. Any contraption that's name is half Greek and Latin can never be trusted!" I'm deeply sorry that I have to end this in such an accelerated fashion, but if I don't finish soon I fear I will miss the start of Eastenders. ...read more.

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