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Terrorism Isn't and Can Never Be Justified

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Terrorism Isn't and Can Never Be Justified Picture yourself having a perfectly normal day: you get up, get dressed - the usual. Then you turn on the TV and are greeted by a scene of terror, a sight never to be forgotten. Before your eyes, a plane crashes straight into the Twin Towers or the World Trade Centre. Then, in your already shocked state, you remember that your loved one had gone out to work there. You race to the phone, dial frantically with your fingers crossed, hoping, praying that they are alright. The phone rings, again and again. Each time the message tone answers, and each time you convince yourself that something must have held them up, that maybe they didn't hear their phone ring. Finally, you accept reality...... This was an experience shared by thousands of people across the globe on 11th September 2001, thousands of people lost their lives, more were injured and America was never quite the same again. ...read more.


This at least showed me how terrorism can affect normal people's everyday lives. 9/11 and the 7/7 bombings are just two examples of many terrorist attacks. From the records on the online Terrorism Research Centre, numerous terrorist attacks happen daily around the world. Terrorists do not think themselves as terrorists but as 'rebels' and 'liberators' and believe that they are fighting for a greater cause, but at the cost of thousands of innocent lives? Is driving planes through important buildings, killing thousands of people, going to help you achieve a new Islamic caliphate, as al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden seemed to think? But did that not simply mark the beginning of the War on Terrorism? All through history there have been examples of terrorist attacks. The Black Hand Group believed assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand would unite Bosnia with Serbia, but what really happened? Did it not simply lead to the break out of the First World War? There is yet to be a terrorist group whose popularity increases after an attack, nor has there been one whose aims have been achieved through violence. ...read more.


Is that worth the lives of over three and a half thousand people? Terrorism tears families apart and causes immense grief and anger amongst normal people. In 9/11 alone there were 2976 fatalities. People have their loved snatched away from them. Those who argue 'one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter' obviously don't hear or see the parents grieving for their children, husbands mourning for their wives, women longing for their husbands, little kids crying for their mums and dads. Is that what freedom really is? Terrorism simply does not work. The horrific attacks only have opposite effects. Apart from killing innocent people, they leave many more injured, out of which many are left permanently disabled. They call that fighting for the greater good? How can one sit down and plan out the deaths of thousands of people, just because they are of a different religion, or might believe in something different from you? Is it not crystal clear that terrorism cannot be justified? Or rephrase that and ask yourself this question instead: can slaughtering innocent people ever be justified? ...read more.

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