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Terrorism Speech

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Terrorism. What is it? Who does it? Why? All three of these questions are open to debate. Today I will tell you why the subject of supposed "terrorism" should be banished to Room 101. Firstly. What is this terrorism you speak of? I'm sure that you have all heard about terrorists, destroying The Twin Towers, suicide bombing in Iraq and blowing up innocent, good people, via buses and underground trains, back here in England. In this case you'll go by this definition of terrorism: systematic use of terror, manifesting itself in violence or intimidation, for generating fear. Of course, the obvious example is Muslims, one of the two scapegoats over the course of time, along with Jews. There is a second definition too: technique used by Governments to manipulate public opinion in order to further an agenda and used as a method of propaganda. ...read more.


Right. Three trains and a bus were bombed, killing 56 people.That morning, an "Anti-terror exercise" just happened to be taking place as wellDealing with... THE EXACT SAME BOMBING SCENARIO. AT THE EXACT SAME TRAIN STATIONS AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. Coincidence?! Perhaps. But what if the same thing happened at 9/11? Impossible?!! No. The exact thing happened on the morning of 9/11. NORAD, The US governments defense force on aircraft attacks were doing an exercise that morning, where a terrorist boards a plane and guides it into the Towers. This just mouths Cover up to me. Next, how did the Towers fall?! No steel building before or even since the atrocity has ever fallen, yet we are meant to believe that three buildings fall down, even though one of them, tower 7, was not even hit by a plane and the towers were designed to sustain such an attack. ...read more.


Although 19 hijackers were released officially as a list including DOB, 5 are still alive!! The passports were clearly planted on the scene-how could passports be found intact when the biggest bit of debris from floor 19 was a keypad of a mobile phone?! Although these 5 have spoken out, the list has not been amended. Finally, on the boarding list for the plane NONE OF THE PEOPLE ON THE OFFICIAL LIST were on the flight, in fact there were no Muslim names whatsoever. Of course there is plenty more substantial evidence I could give you but im afraid I have already outrun my 4 minutes. The evidence is there if you want to find it, expecially regarding Bulding 7, which fell after fires on just 3 floors and was not hit by a plane. In fact it was not even mentioned in the official report. Don't allow yourself to be brainwashed into believing the pathetic cover up that is 9/11 and terrorism. ...read more.

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