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Texting Is Creative. Discuss

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Dania Chatila 10C “Txtin iz messin, Mi headn’me englis, Try2rite essays, They all come out txtis. Gran not plsed w/letters shes getn, Swears I wrote better B4 comin2uni. &she’s african” This was the winning entry of the Guardian newspaper’s poetry competition, in which entrants were required to write a poem within the 160 character limit. The poem displays many of the stereotypical features of text messages: lack of capitalization, the common contractions and numerous versions of phonetic spelling. With only 10 of the 27 words in standard spelling, is this new “Text Language” really considered creative? Texting is a seismic shift to the English language. With over 6.1 trillion texts being sent a year, thousands of new abbreviations, initialisms and contractions are being created every day, therefore making it the fastest growing dialect in the world. Texting, also known as ‘multi modal communication’ has been in the centre of controversy for numerous years. It has been described as ‘innovative’ by some and ‘cliché’ or ‘slobbish’ by others. After analyzing, evaluating and interpretating data and opinions, it can be asserted that text and computer-mediated messages ARE creative, however only towards a specific audience and age group. ...read more.


Although, the reflection of identity and culture is obviously a key component to making texts the creative matter they are today, there are many visual aspects of creativity and originality commonly used by text messagers. Texting could be considered creative as it is visual and expressive. Texting is a combination of language and art. Emoticons are a representation of emotions, thoughts and opinions created through a combination of symbols, letters and/or numbers. After collecting samples of data, over 60% of mobile users agreed to using emoticons to either add a personal flair to their messages or provide the person on the other end of the phone with some creativity and originality. With infinite amounts of symbols available to texters, it?s up to them and their imagination to design the perfect emoticon suited to what they?re saying or describing. According to a 17 year old student, ?Emoticons act as facial expressions within the virtual world. It takes time and thought to come up with the right smiley to fit the context. The creation of emoticons is considered art to many including myself.? This text acts as evidence to this point ?hey hun <3, omg! ...read more.


How is anybody supposed to understand any of the acronyms, initialisms, contractions or logograms kids and teens are making up?! The younger generation is making messages blurrier and blurrier every day. This new text language is causing many misunderstandings to occur.? It is evident in this quote that some individuals over the age of 30 believe that text language is causing messages to be unclear and possibly blocked. Although they may think slang, acronyms, initialisms etc. are clouding up our language, according to a British study, only 6% of words in texts are in non-standard English. Texting is the Shakespeare of the 21st century. New technology advancing means that the multi-modal world is gradually becoming smaller, in the sense that textis (the text language) is transforming into a widely recognized dialect, therefore making it a ?Universal Language.? Words and sentences are constantly being innovated and transformed to fit the context of today?s generation/society. The use of texting has gone up by 150% since 2000 and with this staggering rise, so has creativity. Today?s generation has been given the opportunity to do what Shakespeare did years ago. Redesign the ?default? language that has been handed to us. The form of texting will always have its descriptivists as well as its prescriptivists, however creativity is fundamental to the evolution of language, and so is consequently inevitable. ...read more.

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