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Thank God I Found You.

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Thank God I Found You It was Friday morning and I got out of bed feeling glad I could have a whole weekend of relaxing. The sight outside was beautiful. It was a perfect spring day. The grass was green, the sky was blue with little puffy clouds floating around. The birds were singing and the children were playing in the park. I just wanted to sit here and stare at this glorious sight all day, but it was not possible, as I had to attend school. I began to get ready and I set off to school. It was 3:30 PM and everybody around me was getting agitated, as it was almost time to go. I on the other hand was an exception. I didn't enjoy school, in fact I hated school. Only one thing made it worthwhile or should I say one person. That person is Anna. She sat across the classroom from me. She was of average height and had dark hair. Her hair had waves like an ocean and her eyes were the palest, most delicate shade of sky blue. The most spectacular thing about her was in fact her voice. ...read more.


I was in awe of him yet I felt no fear. I finally muttered "who-who are you? Where am I?" all he said was "Come" in a foreign accent. For some reason I took his hand and went with him. As we walked I beheld the strangest sight, cobbled streets with little dome houses and huge cliffs with castles. At one end the castles were bright with soldiers around it, while at the other end a dark, gloomy looking castle, which gave off bad vibes. The people looked pretty normal apart from their clothes. They looked like they were at a Halloween party. I almost expected to see a horse and carriage go past but the next second a man dressed as Merlin went whizzing past in a Saab convertible. As we went past the people, they moved away and started whispering. All I could think was I hope Fernando and the gang didn't send me off to come country while I blacked out. I could not make out the time as my watch had stopped. We went into one of the bright castles; I followed the man with his long black coat flowing behind him. ...read more.


Then she said, "I'm in love, I have liked this guy for ages." I was so angry. I thought I should just give him the apple and she will forget the guy. My emotions were like the Blackpool roller coaster. I began to take out the apple, but I couldn't do it. She was too sweet, and this was not love. I said "Excuse me" and left. It was evening and was raining heavily, but I didn't care. Tears were streaming down my face as I walked home. I was so engrossed in my sorrow I did not hear someone behind me until I felt a tug on my arm and I stopped. It was her, she looked angry. "You are so stupid," she said. I retorted angrily. "Don't you see, I was talking about you, I have liked you for so long but you don't say anything and I got tired of waiting". She put her hand on my face, I could not believe it. "It's you I love, I know you feel it too" and saying this we kissed and I knew everything would be okay. She took my hand and we walked hand in hand as I threw away the apple. I don't know if this was 'happily ever after' but I was looking forward to finding out. - 1 - ...read more.

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