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The ABC Journal of my Life

Extracts from this document...


´╗┐The A-B-C Journal Anthony Zanardi I would like to dedicate this journal to all the family and friends that have helped me become the person I am today. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. ????????????????????Dedication Page 2. ???????????????????.....Table of Contents 3. ?????????????????...??..Journal A: Animal 4. ???????????????...??.Journal B: Bothersome 5. ????????????????...???..Journal C: Career 6. ???????????????...?..Journal D: Daydreaming 7. ????????????????????Journal E: Enough 8. ????????????????Journal F: Favorite / Family 9. ???????............................................Journal G: Greatest 10. ?????????????????????.Journal H: Hero 11. ????????????????????...Journal I: Inches 12. ?????????????????????..Journal J: Joke 13. ???????????????????.Journal K: Kindness 14. ????????????????...???Journal L: Learned 15. ???????????????????.Journal M: Magician 16. ????????............................................Journal N: Nature 17. ????...????????????????.Journal O: Own 18. ???????????????????Journal P: Popularity 19. ????????.............................................Journal Q: Quote 20. ????????????????...????Journal R: Rules 21. ????????????...???????.Journal S: Special 22. ????????????????????.Journal T: Talents 23. ??????????????????.Journal U: Understand 24. ?????????????????????.Journal V: Vivid 25. ??????????????????..Journal W: Wonderful 26. ???????............................................Journal X: Excellent 27. ???????????????????...?Journal Y: Youth 28. ?????????????????????.Journal Z: Zany WHAT ANIMAL IS INSIDE YOUR HEART & WHY? The Animal that is inside my heart is a dog. Dogs are so loveable and caring. I care a lot about some people and I love my family. Dogs are funny and playful. I think that some of the things I do are funny. I am very playful, and I always want to do something. Dogs are also annoying and obnoxious. At times, I can be annoying and obnoxious. When I am annoying people will let me know and this happens a lot. I can also be obnoxious. Sometimes, I will make a lot of noise and sometimes I talk a lot, which can be very obnoxious. Even though my dog, Teddy, can be annoying, I love him. WHAT THINGS DO YOU FIND TO BE MOST BOTHERSOME TO YOU? I think something that really bothers me is when people interrupt other people. I mean seriously, let people talk, it is just annoying. I think when people hiccup it can also be very annoying. ...read more.


One more thing I have learned is to treat and respect your body. Don?t be doing dangerous stuff that can break your bones. Your body is the thing that keeps you alive; don?t you want to treat it with respect? IF YOU WERE A MAGICIAN AND COULD CHANGE TWO THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF OR THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD THEY BE? If I was a magician and I could change two things about myself and or two things about the world, I would choose to change two things about me. One thing I would change is that I would make myself very intelligent. I mean, I?m pretty smart now, I just choose to not use my intelligence. The other thing I would change would be my handwriting. I cannot write very neatly and I would definitely change my writing. If I were to change two things about the world though, I would. One thing I would change would be that I would make sure every child in Africa had breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. The other thing I would change would be the way plastic bags are killing marine animals because that?s just sad. DESCRIBE YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING IN NATURE. IS THERE A PALCE YOU LIKE TO GO AND JUST BE ONE WITH NATURE AND THE PRESENCE OF ITS BEAUTY? I personally don?t like being in nature. I just don?t care for being in it and the presence of its beauty. To me nature isn?t beautiful; all I see is plants, water, and animals. But since I have to decide on something, I would say that one of the things I like about being in nature is swimming in the lakes and wading in the streams. Another thing I like about being in nature is the silence of everything. No cars, trains or anything to break the silence. That?s why I would pick the mountains to be the place I would go to enjoy nature. ...read more.


I?m playing with him for about 5 minutes or so and I asked my Aunt whose puppy this is and because I know it?s not one of theirs and she says ?he?s yours.? I was so excited I said, ?You?re kidding me, right?? And she was like, ?no I?m not.? So that would probably be the best gift I?ve ever received. WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON YOU HAVE LEARNED IN YOUR YOUTH? Probably the most important lesson I have learned in my youth would be to treat others the way you would want to be treated. So you would always treat people with respect, always treat them nicely. So for example, if you don?t want to be pushed in a pool, don?t push someone else in a pool. Another example would be if you don?t want to get hit, pushed or kicked, don?t do it to someone else. Yeah, so I think the most important rule and or lesson I have learned would be to treat people with respect and to treat people how you want to be treated. WHO IS THE MOST ZANY PERSON YOU KNOW AND WHY? The most zany person I know in my life is my Aunt Pamela. She is almost always cracking jokes about something. Also, she is always being a goober. She is always dancing weird and or singing like a goon. She is always doing something in public to embarrass me. Another zany person in my life is my dog ?Teddy.? Even though he may not be a person he is still really weird and funny. Teddy is really funny if he is sleepy and you still try and slip his ball out from underneath his chin, he will make this weird growling sound, like he?s part bear or something. Like one time, I am sitting on the couch and he is always chewing on his ball right next to me. Then all of the sudden it starts to stink in that part of the room, if you know what I mean. ...read more.

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