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The Accident. It was dark. I and Claire had been driving all night. We were determined to get home by daylight; we needed to be home by daylight.

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The Accident There I was, sat in the waiting room, cold and alone. I felt as if tonight had been the longest night of my life. I looked at the blurry red haze of my watch; it was now 5:37. Everywhere around me there was the constant sound of crying babies, coughing sick. Although the room was overcrowded and dense, I felt completely alone. I drifted off into a quiet sleep, thinking of nothing but the night before... It was dark. I and Claire had been driving all night. We were determined to get home by daylight; we needed to be home by daylight. I had been driving home from mine and Claire's honeymoon to Scotland. Our cottage was beautiful, in a quiet, humble town by the beach. Fraserburgh I think it was called. Anyway, it was now getting closer and closer to midnight. I could feel my eyes closing in on themselves, as I became more and more tired, the faint sound of my watch ticking gradually increased and became louder and louder, before long it was all I could hear. ...read more.


I mumbled as a tear came to my eye. "Yes, yes of course you can... go right ahead she's in room 3B." "Thank you." As I slowly walked over to her room, all i could think about was doctor's facial expression. His dropped and narrowed eyes, his downturned lips and his lowered eyebrows. All showing signs of how I am feeling right now. I realised that my left leg had been injured in the crash; despite that and a few cuts I got out of the crash remarkably lucky. It's almost a miracle im ok. I tried to think about what happened after the crash, but failed. Before I knew it, I was there. Room 3B. The room of pain, sorrow and misery. I clenched the door handle, tight. Twisted, opened and there she was. She was lying in her bed, still, not moving. Completely dependent on the machine attached to her, as I saw her I was overridden with a feeling of guilt, and despair. ...read more.


"Claire, are you okay?" I screamed at the top of my voice. "Charles, oh... I'm hurt!" "Don't worry my love, they will come; they will save us." "Charles I've got something to tell you..." As she was speaking, her voice was drowned out by the thunderous shrill of the ambulance siren. I once again woke up, I was beginning to find it difficult to separate my memories from what is happening now. Doctor Remor´┐Ż came to me and told me what had happened. He said, "Mr Parker, I'm Afraid that Claire has had some severe neurological brain damage that caused her body to go into a permanent shutdown. There is nothing we could have done. I'm sorry." He walked away. I was speechless. I took a deep breath, and it felt like I had just swallowed a brick. I walked into the room to see her; I sat, firmly gripped her hand and began to cry. All of a sudden, i could remember the last thing Claire had said to me. I remembered the overwhelming happiness when she said the words, "Charles... I'm Pregnant." ...read more.

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