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The assassin

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The assassin It was a dark, cold, and foggy the night it took place. The fog was so powerful that I could not even see the colors of the cars as they eerily past me. My freezing cold hands were as blue as the sea and my leg felt like it was going to break from the amount of times I had slipped on the pavement it would probably. Been better to wear ice skates. I walked a little further and stop a house. I squinted my eyes to see through the thick blanket of fog. This was it, The house that will be silent in the morning as silent as a graveyard because to night is the night when death would prevail. Providing that was if I got the final call. I walked past the house then took three slow steps back their was an alley at the side of the house, what a good place to hide. So I sat down waiting for the call I did not know why this man was going to die all I knew was he had tried to kill my boss children and his wife. ...read more.


It was like sick and urine mixed together and it was trickling down my neck like a spider. But here was some shelter I could not face the icy cold weather. My hands felt a little warmer in here so the smell I had to put up with because if I went out there I risked getting hypothermia and dying. My leg felt even worse than a thousand cramps. My phone suddenly rang making me jump like I was on a trampoline I picked it up hoping that it was time for him to die I just wanted to get this job over and put it behind me I picked up the phone slowly lifting it towards my ear hearing the sigh the words "it's time" I put it down slowly pulling out my gun and the bullets. My hands were so cold I could not even put the bullets in the gun, half of them kept falling on the floor and that was not even as hard as trying to load the gun. It kept slipping where I could not get a grip on it, my hand began to pour with blood. ...read more.


on myself hoping not to wake the man up yet, I put the glass behind my head like I was about to throw in on football and through it shattered I knew any second the man would come running down to meet his death I retrieved my gun as I heard his feet clattering on the stairs. My hands were placed on the trigger. It was colder than outside. The only thing to do now was fire it I saw him on the last step I pulled it back with my freezing cold hands. The kickback hit me and knocked me to the floor. I saw the man fall to the ground blood drenching his t-shirt he was screaming I pain. Knowing it was not long before he would bleed to death I ran away. I could not see another man die. The first time I enjoyed this now I hated it. That was my last ever job as an assassinator and that job was a job I was good at I never got caught. Now I am happily married with two children but did I deserve this or should I be in prison I will let you decide. ...read more.

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