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THE ASSASSIN The huge modern edifice leered down taunting the lesser buildings. The wind howled by as if in

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THE ASSASSIN The huge modern edifice leered down taunting the lesser buildings. The wind howled by as if in agonizing pain. The great spotlight on top of the Bateson building penetrated the unforgiving black night. The rows and rows of slippery Washington elm tress swayed to and fro as the wind picked up. Electric white icicles drooped depressingly of the edge of the hard cold perimeter walls. The immeasurable steel gate bowed down to the oncoming security guards. The building was an impenetrable fortress no one went in without going through a series of harsh and costly precautions of course there was the one exception Mr. Bateson the company chairman and criminal mastermind his influence spread from Tokyo to Honolulu. He was a known criminal and everyone was after him from rival criminals to the F.B.I A week before: A man was parked in a seedy, dingy part of London. The night sky stared down and the wind wailed past. The man got out of the transit and walked down the empty street. He turned one corner then another and another. Eventually the man came to his destination a backstreet leading on to leather market road .The man stopped and leant against the dilapidated wall took a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it with a match. The man started nervously tapping his foot on the floor. The moon rose overhead it was 3 o'clock in the morning the man waited until 3:10 'Finally' the man thought 'He will be here any minute'. ...read more.


about to shout for help the assassin slashed at his throat ripping out his voice box and cleaving the juggler in half. All was heard was a quiet whimper. The assassin grabbed the guard's unbroken arm and threw him into a rock splintering his skull in half blood spurted out staining the grass crimson. Then he proceeded to kick mud and dirt over the blood stained green grass. Making sure every angle was covered and the corpse was fully hidden .He suddenly broke into a run still silent as if he was floating above the grass; finally he reached the Bateson building. He grabbed the long silver gutter and began climbing using the brackets as foot holes. The assassin was trying to remain inconspicuous while he was passing windows and looking down at the 100's of security guards he began to wonder how easy it was getting here. He finally got to a ledge. He stopped to catch his breath. Then he carried on pushing himself as hard as his body would let him, he had to be fast. The roof taunted down at the assassin but eventually the assassin found a strong foot hole and gripped the edge and pulled himself up. No time for rest now, even though the lazy technicians hadn't bothered to set up security measures on the roof. The assassin pulled a long black package tied to his leg removing the ties. ...read more.


But he had to go on he picked himself up his lower back screaming out with agony he limped to the pier and collapsed. He lifted himself up with sheer determination and will-power he heaved his right arm forward then his left tearing at the wooden planked deck. Another shot was fired and the assassin slammed into the pier. Blood began to pour from the assassin. He was gasping for breath. His mouth was Spluttering with blood he lifted himself up again and began to crawl he got to the foot of his boat grabbed the edge heaved himself up. But suddenly a final shot was fired the assassin slumped down again his back against the wooden deck. The sea began to turn to crimson the assassin knew he was dying he grabbed a grenade from his pocket. The cars pulled up and swarmed around the dieing killer. They pulled their guns out ready to end his live. With his last once of strength the assassin pulled the pin out silently. And waited for the inevitable. The explosion was huge it ripped the pier up blasted the guards out to sea and obliterated them into tiny pieces legs and arms flew everywhere. It started to rain water and blood .Mr. Bateson had been killed but so had the assassin Two weeks later �19,000 was delivered to a Mr. Arron Bywater he would never receive this money and neither would his family. He had died doing what he loved. There was no funeral and no grievances because the; Assassin had been assassinated By: Barry Thompson 10f ...read more.

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