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The Auction

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The Auction The rain battered down upon the small, shivering figure that sat in the corner of the bus shelter. It had been sat there for three hours now and was starting to lose all hope. This dishevelled figure was of course, me, and it was I that had been sitting in the tiny, incorrectly named bus shelter, for in this particular place there was no hope at all of indeed gaining shelter, waiting for the past three hours for a bus that seemed as though it would never come. It would be just my luck that on this particular day, when I had already lost the keys for my mothers car and spilt my Muller light yoghurt all over my best jeans, that I would have to wait in a remote bus stop, waiting for a bus that seemed doomed not to come, to go to a auction in a remote place that I had never been to before, that I didn't particularly want to go to! I mean when I said to my mother and father last year that I would like a car for my eighteenth I had been thinking along the lines of a brand new Porsche, or maybe a BMW, I would have even settled for a Mini. ...read more.


However, after what seemed like years, but was actually three and a half hours the bus that came to pick me up arrived. Well, actually it careered onto the verge and stopped just in time before it ran over the other unfortunate soul, that happened to be standing there. Also when I say bus I mean it in the loosest possible way. The doors flung open, showing , in places where they were held together by black masking tape and the weary looking bus driver, after charging me �3, directed me towards the moth eaten seats and warned me about the hole that lay in the middle of the aisle, showing the road beneath. However, I settled down in my seat and braced myself for a rightly anticipated rough journey, culminating in me screaming at the bus driver to stop outside the 'Auction House' and him flying straight past and then attempting to reverse, to the anger of the drivers behind him. After practically leaping off the bus and muttering my thanks to the bus driver, who disappeared in a cloud of steam and exhaust fumes, I ran through the still pouring rain into what seemed like a community centre. ...read more.


So when the auction started my nerves were jangling, I hadn't even contemplated that I wouldn't have the car, until now and the palms of my hands were sweaty with anticipation. At last lot no. 123 came up and the bidding started at five hundred pounds, for which my hand rose for immediately. 550, 600, 650, 700... the bidding was getting higher and my 1500 started to seem nothing, finally it was between me and some man at the back who I could see clearly and I placed my last bid, �1500. For a few seconds the room remained silent and then, �2000. The voice that I had dreaded the most rang across the room, and yet it seemed strangely familiar. 'Mum?' I shouted, 'Mum?! What are you doing here?!' and in the background I heard the amused voice of the auctioneer saying, 'Going once, going twice, gone to mum over there!' She had bought it, she had bought my car. Hang on; she'd bought it for me...YES! I ran over to her and hugged her, 'Thanks mum, thank you, thank you, but how did you get here?' I puzzled. 'The keys,' she laughed, 'they were in the washing basket, with your dirty jeans!' Anna Busby ...read more.

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