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The author of the novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, sub titled the book The Modern Prometheus.

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The author of the novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, sub titled the book The Modern Prometheus. There are many similarities between the stories of the classic Frankenstein and the Greek myth of Prometheus. These stories were written as cautionary tales, warning us of what can happen if we disobey the rules of our creators. The novel is sub titled The Modern Prometheus because both Frankenstein and Prometheus created life, and they both obtained a form of knowledge they were not supposed to have. Both Prometheus and Frankenstein created life. Prometheus was given the job of creating man, and Frankenstein was so fascinated by science that he spent all of his hours creating life from dead body parts. Greek mythology is used to explain where we came from and why. The myth of Prometheus explains where we came from and the creation of the world around us. Prometheus was one of the Titans spared from imprisonment in Tartarus. He was given the task of creating man. He created man from the clay that was found in the earth. He was also in charge of the task of giving the animals and creatures of the earth their various qualities, such as swiftness, cunning, strength, fur, and wings. ...read more.


He tracks the monster far north and almost catches him, but dies before he gets a chance to capture him. Both stories are about the creation of life, and how the plans of Prometheus and Frankenstein backfire. In the myth of how man came to be, Prometheus giving man fire represents the dangerous knowledge Victor comes across in Frankenstein. Prometheus was never supposed to give man the power of fire. He was foolish and created all of the animals first and gave them all of the best qualities. Then when it came time to give man a quality, there was nothing left. Instead of thinking about his actions and the consequences, he just took fire from the gods and gave it to man. This really pissed off Zeus, and caused him to sentence Prometheus to live chained on top of a hill while being tortured for many years. His decisions were not well thought out, which caused him much pain. He obtained this essence that was never intended to be for man and because of this, he paid dearly. In the novel Frankenstein, Victor acquires the knowledge of creating life. His whole life he was obsessed with science, and his abnormal behaviors and experiments became normal in his mind. ...read more.


Zeus never wanted man to have the power of fire, and once Prometheus stole it from him and gave it to man there's no telling what could have happened. Man could have set the entire world on fire, and it would have been the end of mankind. The knowledge that Victor Frankenstein attains could have thrown the whole world off balance. With man being able to create life, this knowledge could fall into the hands of the wrong person and the world would be chaos. There is logic to all rules, and everything happens for a reason. Prometheus was never meant to give fire to man, and because he did he was reprimanded and tortured. Victor Frankenstein was never meant to know the secret of life, and because he gained that knowledge, his creature turned against him and made his life miserable until the day he died. These stories warn us of the consequences that arise when we disobey the laws our creators have put in place for us. The novel Frankenstein is in many ways a Modern Prometheus. Mary Shelley was truthful when she sub titled her book from the myth of Prometheus. There are many examples of how the book and the myth are alike, as they are both punished severely. All because they created life, and they both obtained an essence that they were not supposed to have. ...read more.

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