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The Baby-Sitter

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The Baby-Sitter "I didn't kill them!" "Alright, alright, calm down Miss Cleave. So could you tell us who did?" asked Chief Inspector Lee. "I didn't kill them! I didn't kill them!" "Alright Miss Cleave, we will stop there. Recording stopped at 11.03am. Miss Cleave, this is Detective Inspector Higgs." "Hello Miss Cleave, I'll be working on your case." "I didn't kill them! I didn't kill them!" "If you would please go with Mr. Higgs, he will take a statement." "I didn't kill them!" "Mrs. Baggley, uhh could you come through please?" "Yes. I'll be right there," said a pleasant voice from another room. "We aren't getting anything out of her, so could you take her, calm her down and try and get her to tell you what happened. And remember to record each session." said the Chief Inspector. "Yes alright," said Mrs. Baggley. "Miss Cleave, this is Mrs. Baggley. She is our psychiatrist, Ok, she will take care of you." said Chief Inspector Lee. "If you could just come this way and follow me," she said to me. "I suppose so. Where are we going?" "We'll go to a small sitting room which is much more relaxing than in here. I'll get some tea sent in for us," she said. Mrs. Baggley was a short, plump lady with spectacles. She had a very kind voice and was very reassuring. I was beginning to calm down now, but when I realised what had happened I felt the panic rise in me. ...read more.


I said thoughtfully. "Now, could you tell me about the night of the murder?" she asked me gently. "Yes, I suppose so. I feel a lot stronger now. Well, I had to baby-sit for a couple who were going out to a party, and who expected to be out late. They had three children, two boys and a girl. The boys were called Alex and Peter, and the girl, Julie. Peter and Alex were both eight, but Julie was only five. I arrived at the house at about 5 o'clock. The parents left about half an hour later, after giving me instructions about bedtime stories and all those sort of things. I put the children to bed and settled them down to sleep after I had given them their supper. It wasn't a very nice evening. The weather was turning nasty. It was raining and blowing hard. I went down to find a DVD to watch. I looked at their collection and chose a romantic comedy. Outside, the weather was getting worse. It had become a dark and stormy night, and the rain was hammering against the windows, and thunder echoed through the eerie hallway. Lightening flickered through the conservatory roof, and splattered light onto the spiral staircase which made odd shaped shadows in the hall. Then, suddenly, without warning, a piercing shriek reverberated through the house. I sprang out of my seat and bounded up the stairs, to find out what the problem was. ...read more.


I knew by now that all three children had been brutally murdered by the maniac who had tried to kill me. He had been upstairs while I had been watching the film. "No, no, I couldn't meet him again," I cried. I was feeling hysterical again at the thought of seeing him again. "You don't need to meet him. You can look at him through one way glass," explained Mrs. Baggley. "Oh, well maybe I could do that, "I said, feeling a bit better about it. "Do you feel strong enough to do it now?" the psychiatrist said gently. "I suppose so," I answered reluctantly. "OK," said Mrs. Baggley. "If you would like to follow me. I will take you to the cell where he is being kept." I followed Mrs Baggley to a corridor. She stopped in front of what looked like a window. She asked me to look in, but I was very scared. She kept talking to me in a very calm way and eventually I could look in. I saw a man with his back to me. He somehow looked very familiar. I couldn't understand what I was seeing. I suddenly realised I had bought a sweater for my ex-boyfriend just like the one this man was wearing. I gasped when he turned round. It was him! He seemed to be looking straight at me and I screamed. Mrs. Baggley was very concerned for my health and gave me a sedative. When I came round I was able to explain that this was my ex-boyfriend - Daniel. Why did he kill the children I wanted to know, and why try to kill me? I still don't know the answer. ...read more.

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