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The best holiday I ever had

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The best holiday I ever had On the 17th of May 2003 I departed for Bangladesh. The reason I was making this journey was for my uncle's wedding. The day I departed it was unexpectedly dull and chilly. I was excited because it would be the first time I was travelling to Bangladesh, where I would also meet my cousins from America. The journey was expected to take twenty-five hours, because my destination was about a ten hours drive from the Bangladesh International Airport, My uncle was going to meet me at the airport. I had only seen photos of my uncle so I was worried whether I would recognize him, but when I saw my uncle, I recognized him straight away because he looked like a lot like my father. Coincidentally he was also wearing similar clothes as to those in the photograph. My uncle was of medium build, quite tall, with long black hair and dark in complexion. He was very happy to see me because he had never met me before. The environment and surroundings were very different from England; it was very hot and humid. It was also very different from how I imagined it. The climate and environment was like a mixture of Africa and the Amazon, where there were occasional jungles and open dry lands. ...read more.


Arrangements for cooks, hall staff, waiters and security had already been made. My uncle had invited four thousand guests to the wedding, which I did not think was a wise thing to do because even though we had the work force it took a lot of management, understanding and engineering. Most obviously, Catering for four thousand people was not an easy thing to do. After two days of complete chaos and pandemonium, there were a signs of relief and completion. The original plan was designed so that the family did not have to do anything, but it was a little different from that. I was exhausted. I was tired but excited, all of my cousins stayed over and we all slept in the same bedroom. We did not get to sleep till very late because none of us would stop talking. Finally I drifted off with the cool wind blowing in my face from the fan above. In Bangladesh the electricity would go off every so often, all the fans would then go off and it would be boiling hot. The light was not a problem because we had rechargeable lights, but you could not sit in the light because of the mosquitoes. I rose early in the morning refreshed and re-energized ready for the big day ahead. From where I was sleeping I could smell the fragrance of the tea that was brewing on the kitchen stove and hear the voices of the maids preparing breakfast. ...read more.


I saw Ahmed strolling around with a torch in his hand so I knew it was him who was playing around in the dark. Most of the people had finished eating and were leaving now. All our family were sitting at the tables ready to be served. It was planned for us to eat after everyone had left, which was good because we could eat in peace. While we were eating the servants were loading the presents onto the van. I ate so much that I could not get up from my chair, but my grandmother still thought I did not eat enough, she never thought I ate enough. I was due back in two days and to finish off my stay we arranged a barbeque. We roasted a whole lamb and various vegetables, which I had not seen before. The food was succulent and satisfying. I spent the rest of my days playing football and swimming in the lake with my cousins. I also spent a lot of my time with my grandmother. Sometimes I used to go and swim on my own late in the afternoon, which was very relaxing because the water was cool and the sun was warm so there was a comforting balance. It was time for me to leave so I had to say good-bye to everyone, I wished I could stay for longer but I had to get back for school. My uncle dropped me off at the airport where I started the long journey again. This was the best holiday I ever had. ...read more.

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