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The Binders and the End

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The Binders and the End I ducked and tried to run for it, but the Binder caught my arm and twisted it behind my back and shoved my face into the fountain, I fought back but the hand on my neck was too strong and I had to hold my breath, I'm dying I thought and wondered what was happening to Gunni. I couldn't hold my breath much longer. I fought back desperately but only got soaked in the process. I'm drowning I thought, they've gone too far...a red haze filled my mind and I slowly began to relax. I opened my eyes only to see Ramjeet pressing hard into my chest; it felt as if a whole river had transformed my body because with each pump of Ramjeet's fists on my chest brought an entire flood of water which had stung my throat. "What are you doing?" I spluttered "What's happened? Why are you crying Ramjeet?" He looked at me, choking back tears. I started to get worried and my breathing became irregular because I was gasping. "Are you okay Ramjeet?" "I thought you'd left us and gone to be with Mum and Dad..." ...read more.


What Ramjeet was saying must have been true. This had hit me bad - it was worse than being held under by that Binder. My body was flaccid and my mind was astray. I started to get the feeling I was going to vomit all over the bed. I peered over the edge to find a bucket filled with disinfectant and as I gazed at it, my throat began to sting and a yellow liquid left my mouth and nose. There came a brief knock on the door and Sanjeev, Hung and Gung came leaping in. Sanjeev came over and sat at the end of my bed, he started talking but I was to tired to listen. I was more interested in the chocolate cake sitting on the coffee table... Ramjeet had been talking to them all for about 5 minutes and I had overheard what was being said "Don't mention anything to him 'bout Gunni - he's still pretty cut up about it." They all agreed and not a word was mentioned. I still had trouble coping with it a week after. Ramjeet had arranged for me to see someone about it, but I told him I didn't need it. ...read more.


He stated the nature of all the people in the court room and why they had been called here. It turns out the people who were talking before he had entered were the Jury and they would decide what would happen. As he went on, he described that he was only going to question me about certain aspects of life with Ramjeet and Jill, as he felt talking about the ordeal would be too traumatic. He started off by asking me what life was like in our neighbourhood and if I enjoyed sports and what I liked doing in my spare time. Then he inquired about life with Ramjeet and Jill. I told him what I loved living with them and Ramjeet was a brilliant guardian - he was strict but not over protective. I told him that Jill was like my best buddy and we get on great. The judge said that was fine and he wanted to speak to Ramjeet next. The questioning went on for some hours, the rest of the gang showed up at 11:00 for whatever support we might have needed. The judge called us all back into the room and gave his verdict - Gunni was murdered in cold blood and his killers were to be sentenced to life in prisonment. That's all we had wanted. Kyle Downey ...read more.

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