The Broken Promise

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The Broken Promise "Thirty years ago in this very room, my father told me a few things, things that I want to tell you today. He said life offers you many paths to choose from. You have to choose the one that is right, the one where you never have to bend down, one where you never fall. Never take any step that will bring shame to your family name or prestige. I have not forgotten his words till today, and neither should you. Promise me that you will follow the traditions of this family. Promise me that you will never compromise the self respect of this family." "I promise Papa, that I will always keep the family name flying high. I promise you that I will always keep you happy... always Papa." I knew from that very moment that I had to keep my promise. My family were of a very high caste, we were wealthy and lived in a beautiful mansion in the heart of India, the country of dreams. But now everything has changed. They don't mean anything to me now. Just memories from the past. This is my story... Having just graduated from Oxford University in London, I came home to a beautiful welcoming in my home where all my family was present and celebrations were taking place. The whole mansion was alight with happiness, music and dancing to celebrate my homecoming. more.


She was naïve and even a bit of a tomboy at times. She was a very good friend of the maid's daughter and she was yet to meet her best friends fiancé, Sanjay, who was a poet but I was yet to figure that part out. I stepped inside and she heard me come in. " The store is closed and will only be open in three hours" she said. "Uh-ok, but-" I said. She quickly turned round and clapped he hands, grinning at me, moving her eyebrows up and down. At that moment I thought she was a little strange. I imitated her and clapped my hands too. "Let me say a couplet" she said. "Um-sorry?" I replied. She cleared her throat. "Love is life, life is love, but you are here. And she is there." She said pointing out of the window. "Ha, ha ok but I'm here for-," I giggled. Why was she so confusing? I could honestly say that I had never heard such a bad poem in my life. "Doesn't matter, now your turn," she said. "What exactly am I supposed to say?" "Never mind" She giggled to herself. She had such a high-pitched voice it hurt my ears. "You came to meet the best friend today didn't you? Me?" she asked. "No, actually I came to meet my Daijaan" "Oh, so you call her your Daijaan lovingly now do you?" more.


Just one moment" I told Anjali. I wiped away my tears and walked up to him. "Does that mean I have no place in this house anymore?" I asked. When he didn't reply I got my answer. I walked up the stairs to see my mother. She was standing in my room crying. "I'm right aren't I mother? Am I right?" She nodded. Tears were pouring from both our eyes. "Then I have to go. Can I go?" She nodded again and dropped to the ground. I picked her up and as I held her we walked slowly down the stairs. We silently said our goodbyes while my father was still standing there and hadn't moved a finger. Not one tear in his eye. He didn't even see me before I left. I touched my father's feet but got no blessing. I waited for a moment for him to say something but he said nothing. My mother said to Anjali, "Promise me you'll never let tears come in his eyes" She nodded violently. She gave us her blessing. I held my mother's hand and as I moved away, our hands slipped apart. She turned around and said, "Now go". We moved away and came to live in a big modern house here in London after that. I have a life-size picture of my mother, brother and father, yet I've never turned to look at it. I have a happy life here with Anjali and my five-year-old son. They are my family now, and as of my family, I'm left with sweet memories. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Simrat Aydee more.

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