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The bull. Suddenly everybody heard a huge roar and they looked at the store room and they saw a huge hairy monster bull in front of their eyes. A chill ran down every persons spine.

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The Bull Back in the 1800s there was a little village called Hooverville. The village is nice, full of animals and the people were nice too. One day, the village was on a normal day. Men are doing farm works, the women were doing the housework and the children were feeding the animals. But the peace was no longer there when they heard a lightning a roar and something is dropping down from the sky. 'What the hell was that?'Asked one man, 'I think it could be the end of the world!' another man cried, 'No it couldn't be the end of the world,' answered a woman, 'No, I think it is the end of this village!' muttered another woman, 'no it's probably just a normal weather,' 'no it couldn't be,' 'oh yes it could!' ......' They all started arguing about the lighting, and they suddenly stopped when they heard their leader's voice, 'all of you! ...read more.


Everybody ran. And now they realized they are in serious trouble. Two weeks passed 300 people became 52 people. But the bull didn't stop. Two nights passed, there is only four people left, they are Mark the leader, James the engineer, Harry a student and Jasmine a teacher. Those guys were trying to stop the bull one last time. At the night these people stayed up all night for the bull but it didn't show up. In the morning they all very tired. 'Let's get some sleep,' Harry suggested. 'Never!' replied Mark, 'we must not go to sleep, because there is a bull on the run!' 'But!!' 'Enough!!!' Mark said angrily. 'Fine I am not sleeping then.' Answered Harry. But harry didn't listen to Mark, he went to his house right after Mark and the others went to find the bull. 'Ahhh, a nice comfortable bed to sleep in!' 'Rowwwww,' 'Who is there?' Said Harry nervously, 'rowwwww!' ...read more.


'Keep firing!' The gunfire continues, 'ahhhh!!' the monster scratched Marks arm off. 'MARK!!!' Yelled James. 'Keep firing,' whispered Mark, 'this is your last chance.' Then his voice slowly, slowly disappeared. 'Rowwww!' The monster roared and the last bullet shot directly into its eye. 'Rowwwww!' 'Knife? Where is my knife?' James pulled out his Knife and swung it like a sword, then he threw his knife at the monster's neck. 'Rowaahhh!' The monster was tried the last attempt to kill James but the knife blocked its windpipe in its throat. 'Ahhrowwahh!' The monster was suffocating to its death. 'It's nearly dead!' cried James. 'Roawwww!' The bull tried to pull out the knife but its claws were huge and the knife was too small. 'Bullets, in Mark's gun, I forgot all about it.' James shouted. He picked up Mark's gun and shot the bull directly in its head. Bang! Bang! Bang! A few shots went by and the bull finally gave up its life. 'I did it! I DID IT!' James yelled victoriously. One day later, James buried all the people in the graveyard and the village was back to peace again. La Fin ...read more.

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