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The Bully.

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The Bully Susan stood sobbing quietly in a toilet cubicle. She waited for the pounding footsteps to die away before emerging. Cautiously she gazed out of the entrance and then turned to face the dirty mirrors in front of her. She gently prodded the skin below her swelling left eye and flinched with pain. On examining her face she saw that as well as the blotchy redness that appears on your face after crying the beginnings of bruising were also emerging. She heard footsteps approaching and ran quickly back into the cubicle and locked the door. "Susan! Susan are you in here?" called a voice softly, "It's me, Nadine." The door to the cubicle opened slowly and Susan emerged. "Oh my God!" exclaimed Nadine, "I heard them laughing and talking but I didn't think they'd actually done anything! Are you ok? Does it hurt?" "I'm fine!" snapped Susan "It doesn't matter now anyway. Do you have any foundation? I can't let Mom and Dad see this." "Yeah, yeah of course I do" murmured Nadine; she had given up trying to persuade Susan to tell her parents about the bullies a long time ago. Nadine delved into her bag and pulled out a stick of foundation. ...read more.


she asked in that singsong tone of voice that got on Susan's nerves. Remembering what had happened the previous day Susan quickly drew her head under her covers and told her mother in a muffled voice that she was feeling no better but agreed to have some breakfast and asked for a head ache tablet. As soon as her mom left the room Susan clambered out of her bed and looked into the mirror that hung above her dressing table. The bruising was not as bad as it had looked like it was going to be yesterday although, it was dark under her eye and along the left side of her face. Susan scurried into the bathroom, foundation in hand. By the time she went downstairs for breakfast it was impossible to see the bruising. Susan took that Friday off and by the time Monday morning arrived the violent wave of purple bruising was almost gone. Nadine arrived at Susan's house at 8-30am on Monday morning so that the two friends could walk to school together. "I thought I was never gonna get out of there!" exclaimed Susan as she locked the front gate on her way out. "Did they not notice the bruising at all?" ...read more.


she yelled banging Susan's head on the tiled walls. After that Susan could not tell how many times she was punched and she felt as if there were more than two people hitting her, suddenly she felt someone grab her throat and felt her head bang off something solid. She slumped to the ground and felt warm, sticky blood running down the back of her neck and the last thing she heard before slipping out of consciousness was the sound of laughter and running footsteps. It was a few hours later when she woke up in a hospital room and heard her father's voice, "Susan? How do you feel?" he asked. "I've got a headache." Susan answered groggily, looking around her. Immediately a nurse bustled into the room and began fluffing pillows and checking Susan's pupils and pulse. After the nurse left Susan saw her mother sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed. "We're so sorry that we let this happen to you. But you've got a very good friend who told us what has been going on." Said her mother with tears in her eyes. At that Nadine stepped in from behind the curtains and smiled at Susan. "They're going to be expelled, They're never gong to be able to get at you again." Nadine said approaching Susan's bed and squeezing her hand. Susan nodded before finally falling into a much yearned for peaceful slumber. ...read more.

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