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The Chase

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The Chase There was a big butch of a man, who lived by himself in a small broke down apartment. He was unemployed apart from his night job, robberies. He went out for one day for a walk when he saw an old crooked lady wondering around the streets alone with a big brown bag. The man approached the women with caution because he couldn't see her face as he got closer he was anxious to rob the women. The old lady looked stronger every step he took. His heart was beating faster and faster every step of the way. He was with in striking distance as he was going to snatch her bag the women turned in the light of the street lamp and said " Rusty is watching you." ...read more.


The man's imagination was running wild, thoughts were playing tricks on him. After a quiet couple of minutes a sports car looking just like the one Rusty has the man being jumpy got up an told the driver to drop him of at the next stop. As the bus stopped he ran. The car zoomed right up behind him and was gaining speed. With growing fears the man ran down the ally. Rusty's car skidded to a halt and Rusty leapt out. The man went hurrying along in to a park but Rusty was gaining on him. The man stopped knowing he was caught. "Hello Steve" "What do you want Rusty" "My money" Steve can't remember much about what happened next but one thing is for sure, he needed to raise �100thousand in cash by next Saturday. ...read more.


He got out and ran to the check in. He had just cleared the check in and looked around no one was there. He boarded the plane calmly and sat down in his mid row seat. As the plane took off he felt glad to leave his troubles behind. Little did he know they had just began. He then went to the toilet as he came out he realised 2 of Rusty's men where siting at the front he knew he would be caught now if he didn't get off. His only hope was to parachute out and hope for a good landing. He got up and pointed his gun towards the air hostess and told her to give him a parachute and open the parachuting door. Scared and frightened she opened the door. Steve leapt out. They no that he jumped over Russia but he has never been found. ...read more.

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