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The Chaser

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"Pell Street? I think this is it. Is it? Yes it definitely is. I think!" Alan Austen, a middle aged man of his forty's was racking his brain trying to remember the exact location of the old man's flat. He had last visited this battered old building about ten years ago and now he was having trouble remembering where exactly the old man lived. Alan, now walking up the new wooden stairs was thinking to himself, am I in the right building, the last time I came here I was walking up damp, muddy, vile carpeted stairs with floral wallpaper that was half hanging off, and now there were wooden floors with lilac walls, and lovely Muslim material draping over the windows. As Alan reached the top of the stairs he remembered the feeling of sickness and nervousness that he had had the same ten years back when he had last visited the old man's flat. Part of Alan had the same feeling again, but the other part was excited because at last he had found a way of not being with the wife he use, to love. Now Alan was walking to the door where the old man lived wondering if the old man was still alive. ...read more.


My mates told me to get out." "Why didn't you?" the old man interrupted yet again. "I tried, many times but each time she'd follow me wherever I went until I gave in and went back to her." "If you went back to her before and I'm presuming you have left her, what's stopping you going back to her again?" "No I haven't left as yet, but that's why I'm here, I know I'm not going to be able to rid her of my life without doing something that means I will never have to see her face, to touch her, sleep in the same bed as her ever again." "Oh right, do you still love her?" asked the old man "Of course I don't love her, I hate her, I can't stand looking at her, hearing her voice, being in the same room as her and I want her out of my life permanently." "What really made you want to come back to me and get the life cleaner?" the old man asked with interest. "It was about a week ago when I worked late every night just to get away from Diana and then I would go out for a quick drink with my mates afterwards. ...read more.


Can you just pass me that rope please?" Alan asked nicely, thinking of what he was going to tell Diana if she asked what he needed it for. Diana passed it to him. "What do you need that for?" Asked Diana curiously "Just uncase the brakes don't work and I have to tie it to something." Alan said sarcastically. "Should I come with you?" Diana said panicking. "No it's ok I'll only be gone about five minutes, I promise." Alan gave Diana a kiss, as he knew that it was going to be the last one. "Ok, don't be any longer though. I love you Darling." Diana called happily. "Goodbye Diana." Alan said softly with a crinkled nose. "Bye Darling!" As Alan left the house he looked back at his wife and his house, He still had his gloves on and once he was out of sight he tied the rope around his neck, tight enough to leave a mark. He then drove around the top of the hill struggling to breath, took his gloves off and threw them onto the passenger seat and then he got out the life cleaner put his foot on the accelerator and took the potion. The car went speeding down the hill and crashed into a shop. Alan was dead, the rope and the pliers had Diana's fingerprints all over them. Alan had just set Diana up for his murder. ...read more.

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