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The Chicken Man.

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Written By: Isaac Ozinga There once was a man named Fred. He was an old man who lived alone in a small house on the top of a large mountain in North Carolina. Fred had no friends or family so he was very lonely. To make time go by faster, he started to grow vegetables, which included cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes. He also grew grain to make bread for himself. One day in the middle of July, while Fred was weeding his garden, he heard a strange sound. He looked around but did not see anything. He heard it again, but this time behind him. He swung around to find a nice sized chicken eating his grain. "Hey! Stop eating my grain you stupid chicken!" he yelled chasing it. ...read more.


Fred turned around, "Excuse me?" "I thanked you for this wonderful grain," the chicken answered. Fred was shocked to learn that the chicken could speak, for he had never heard of such a thing. He began talking with the chicken and she told him her name was Suzie. They quickly became friends and he decided to feed her a cup every night. Sure enough, Suzie would lay an egg for him every day. One day while Fred was eating his egg, he came up with another idea. He thought on it and concluded that he was brilliant. He fed the chicken a cup of grain after breakfast and went on with his daily activities. He could not wait until the day ended. Slowly but surely, nightfall arrived. For the second time that day, he fed her a cup of grain. ...read more.


"So, you will not make any more eggs for me? "No, I will not," she replied. "Fine!" Fred said, "I shall kill you then!" After saying that, he grabbed the chicken by the neck and killed her. Later that evening, he prepared and ate every last bit of the chicken for dinner. After eating Suzie, he was satisfied. That would teach chickens to mess with him. The next morning, Fred woke up and looked out the window for his daily egg. When he looked in the pen, all he found was the ugly vacancy of hay. A single tear slipped down his cheek. He had no eggs, no chicken, no Suzie, and most of all no friend. Fred realized how lonely he was without Suzie. From that day on, he rescued chickens in distress, kept them until they became healthy again, and found safe homes where he knew they would not be eaten. He then became known as "The Chicken Man." ...read more.

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