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The Christmases of the past have been unacceptable and it is time for us to change.

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The Christmases of the past have been unacceptable and it is time for us to change. Christmas is a time of joy and happiness. This one holiday is where there are no worries and everyone gets along with each other causing no problems. Yet one problem is growing in the world, this is pollution and wastage on our planet. How much more will you dump during this 'happy' time? Naturally, the festive season calls for a large scale celebration. There is no fault or wrong in having fun on this special day. However, recently, the country has seemed to change the true meaning of Christmas and focus on material things. The recent Christmases have been too energy wasteful. As well as existing problems on the environment and planet, the high levels of waste dumped during the Christmas period must come to an end and it is us as a society to make a change. ...read more.


It is estimated that for every tonne of waste produced in our homes, five tonnes has already been produced in manufacturing and 10 tonnes at the point where the raw materials were extracted. About 600 million tonnes of raw resources are used in the UK per year, 570 million tonnes of which ends up as waste losses through energy, water, solid wastes as well as other emissions. How much energy has REALLY been wasted when you throw your old things away? Another way in which we see that Christmas is too wasteful is how much electrical energy is wasted at this time of year. About 90% of household electrical appliances will end up in a landfill site, where they will lay dormant for almost 10,000 years. 70% of all electrical items in the average house will be left on standby for days on end during the Christmas period. This will not only cost the homeowner and 'bill payer', but highly polluting the atmosphere with deadly Carbon Dioxide gas. ...read more.


How can you take something like food for granted? Though it may not seem it, a lot of money can be put forward into something else. The average family spends over �900 on gifts, decorations and food. Christmas should be celebrated by all, yet the simple truth is that only a few of us are fortunate enough to have a real Christmas and loved ones to spend it with. Money can go to charities that prepare a Christmas for homeless and poor people as well as countries abroad where your money can go towards food and livestock for families. Just �6 is enough to pay for 100 children's school meals in Africa for one day. So image what millions altogether can do. Would you give a few pounds to save lives and give a deserving child a real Christmas? Christmas has recently become too materialistic and the reality remains that, at the current rate, the disposal and costs we incur are not sustainable. Action needs to be taken. So make this year count. Save money. Save the environment. Are you willing to have a green Christmas? ...read more.

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