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The City of Love

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The City of Love I had always had this dream of living in the city of love and the fashion capital of the world. I used to visit with my parents, it was never this electrifying and astonishingly stimulating as it was now. I was looking to move to Paris; the melting heart of France. Before I did, I wanted to study more into this city of which the Eiffel Tower proudly stands like a watch guard over the city. While you walk through the streets of Paris, as the dark covers of night fold across the city of love, lights illuminate the blackness of the night like stars in the sky. ...read more.


It was an extraordinarily emotional moment, I had never seen them this bad, well, not since Granddad's funeral. I had made my journey back to France now, looking for a new house. I had been looking for months, however after all it was decided, there didn't seem to be anything on the market in my price range unfortunately. This meant I was not capable of buying a house in this part of Paris and had to find a somewhat appealing area as this past one. I visited lots of other diverse places in the city of love, however, among them being fascinating, I wouldn't be longing to live there. I kept on looking and found somewhere that took my fancy. ...read more.


It involved divine marble floors; with under floor heating and fireplaces in generally every room, including the master bedroom. The wooden spiral staircase, ascending three stories high exists more and more striking as you move further into the house. A long with evidently the house illuminating in the night light compared to the other old looking houses near by. That instant I was determined to make an offer for it, I got a verdict back fairly quickly, when the phone call came I rushed to answer but I was trembling immediately as I dreaded the worst. I was precise to assume this as they had passed. I was resolute to purchase this house and therefore pursued to acquire this property. My insistence paid off and after a couple more months I made the house mine. ?? ?? ?? ?? Alex Roberts ...read more.

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