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The Coalition…

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The Coalition... Brief introduction :- (characters and plot) CHARACTER NAME: Paul Thompson AGE: 28 GENDER: Male PHYSICAL DESPRCIPTION: Has a muscular frame OCCUPATION: Ex FBI agent. Now a manager of a successful firm. TEMPERAMENT: Calm and collective. In some ways bossy. CHARACTER NAME: Stephanie Jones AGE: 24 GENDER: Female PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Blonde hair, green eyes and has a good build OCCUPATION: Paul's personal assistant TEMPERAMENT: Gentle, and at times quite nervous and panicky. But has a Composed personality. SIDE CHARACTERS: - John Kennedy (FBI agent/head) The Assassin (Anonymous unknown personal) Plot:- ?Paul and Stephanie have been colleagues for over 2 years. They both share a professional relationship and Paul is impressed by Stephanie's progress in the firm as his personal assistant. ?Paul had been a secret FBI agent for 3 years, but he then quit the job because of personal reasons to become a civilian. ?Paul does not know anything about Stephanie's past. She was a CIA agent for 2 years but was wrongly sacked from her occupation. Stephanie was well qualified and a very skilled worker. ?Suddenly there was devastating news heard by Paul. The FBI's main building had been bombed, many agents died and several injured during this attack. ?Paul was contacted by one of his older friends by phone who he did not hear from since he quit the bureau. His name was John and invited him back because of these atrocities. Paul started to think about this offer... ?John asked if he knew anyone else who could be fit to become an agent. Stephanie was eavesdropping in their conversation. As she heard this offer she pounced upon it. ...read more.


"I think she's perfect and I would like to work with her." Paul answered. "Ok, fine you are officially with us now Stephanie. You two have to make a decision between what assignment you want to take... it is out of the Whitehouse or the Statue of Liberty." stated Paul. Both Paul and Stephanie agreed on the Statue of Liberty. There assignment was to be normal civilians. John told them that the FBI has found something linked to the terrorists and they planned to place a bomb on the monument two days time. Their mission was to catch this bomber and detonate the bomb. Promptly the next day they made their way to New York and received the important and vital accessories to accompany them in this mission from the FBI headquarters. The next day their conquest had begun... It was a wet and murky morning in New York. Paul and Stephanie were standing, anxious, looking at the skyline. The grey dark clouds covered the skyline like a blanket. Both of them stood there, it seemed as though both of them were waiting for something to break the cold silence. There was no eye to eye contact between them, it was strictly professional. Paul's cell phone starting ringing... "Yeah, Black spider here what's up desert rat?" asked Paul. "Is Black rose there?" asked John in a desperate tone. "Yes she's here with me, what do you want us to do?" "The name of this mission is the Coalition." "Okay... but tell us our briefing." "Both of you should start making your way to the statue. Use your codecs to contact each other but you both have to go separate ways." ...read more.


They met John and he congratulated them on their achievements. He also told them they had to go back to being civilians as they were exposed by the media. "Well done both of you, you lived up to your expectations." congratulated John. "It was our job it had to be done." replied Paul and Stephanie. "I have bad news for you two... you both have to return to being normal individuals again because the media has exposed your true identities. So we think, the best thing for you two is to go back... and we will call you in line of duty if we need you again." "But I want to stay here I enjoyed working with the FBI." requested Stephanie. "Don't worry you will come back... both of you have done your nation proud." It was rather disappointing news for both of them. They both walked out of the building and after a long time had spoken in a friendly tone to each other. "Paul it was great working with you." said Stephanie with her usual vibrant smile appearing back again. "You were a great partner to; I hope to work with you in the near future again." "I hope so to." she replied. They went their separate ways, and this time it was for good. The guy who was caught had committed suicide and this was devastating news. But Paul and Stephanie were prohibited with continuing the case and so had been sent to different parts of the world to establish their new individual identities. Paul was sent to Hong Kong to start a business of imports and exports. Stephanie was sent to Saudi Arabia as a UN representative. Both lived with new name, a new address and did not keep in contact after the Coalition was over... Asif Ashraf 10MJC 09102001 ...read more.

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