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The Craft Night

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The Craft Night It's weird how time slowly passes us by. We just forget about the old, and get hooked on to the new. I am still looking back it was 1965. Life seemed pretty fine back then. Now I'd rather be in hell. Can someone please burn me so there is no traces of me? She never embraces me. My time has faded away. Respect, love and hope have all vanished. Andrieka Craft, the mysterious dark maiden. My queen shadowing me with darkness. I am in a world that has no grace. This dungeon which I call my home, is a place for a savage beast; not a places for a little innocent girl like me. ...read more.


Her pale round anaemic face. She wears the devils Pentagram around her neck and I know that for sure that's a symbol of black magic. Her black cat Zandra sometimes pulls my hair out, when Andrieka is not looking. It hurts a lot, but I can't move or make a sound because it is forbidden for my kind to do such things around a mortal. November 5th is the Sabbath night, for the Witches and Wiccan. This is the night when the moon is full. It's when the demons and spirits come out to help. Andrieka was waiting with Barbie. Barbie uses to be places in a glass frame next to me. ...read more.


She meditated for a while. When she finish she put Barbie back in to her frame, she looked terrible. She was no toy for a young girl any more. As Andrieka blew out the candle she said, " I am the darkness in every corner, the despair biting at the tails of hope; Whence the Night destroys your spirit, and the Darkness takes it's toll, thou shalt hear my name, the Stealer of Thyne Soul," I had no idea what that meant. From that day I release that I was not living with a normal person. It also made me think that the next Sabbath she will do another spell and it may be me who she'll pick. Zulekha Riasat English course work ...read more.

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