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The Creature.

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The Creature All I could think about in my mind was the pain. I had been travelling for several days and my mind was overrun with the aching of my brittle bones. I peered through the rain into my surroundings. The grass seemed endless, its true form blurred by the dark night. I hardened my stare, hoping to pierce the darkness. Then, without warning, a blinding bolt of lighting struck down in the distance, its light so strong it revealed the plain completely. I spotted a small shack in the distance; At least I could rest in there I thought to myself. The walls were decaying, it was clear that this building was very old. I glanced around cautiously, making sure I was in no danger. Thinking nothing of it, I pushed through the door. I found myself standing in a dimly lit pub; I slowly edged my way to the bar, desperate to quench my thirst. ...read more.


The bone white, razor sharp claws at the end of both arms brewed fear into the most courageous of souls. Its chest, a towering thick-skinned belly made up its tremendous size. Its deformed legs travelled in-line with its tail, their movements almost snake like with a mind of their own. Along its neck and tail were tall, proud golden fins. Its wings powered its colossal body through the mist-covered sky at blinding speeds. Thunder bellowed around the ageless creature. The wind, not strong enough to move it from its course, blew brutally around it. As this creature flew through the sky its only follower was it's own shadow. Reputation had proceeded it and mortal men on the ground ran, not only from the silhouette of the creature against the blanket of clouds but also from the stories of it's past which had been handed down through the generations of man. ...read more.


A storm had started; bullets of rain dropped from the sky and were destroyed upon impact on the beast's skin. The clouds had thickened and the thunder crackled around the beast. This was going to be its final resting-place. Pitch black and with no where to go the dragon ascended into the sky. It glimpsed at the clouds that were its home and security from the world beneath. Both wings closed forming a cape around its body and the titanic beast hurtled like a comet down to the blade. The sound of bone crushing and snapping echoed throughout the plain. Its skin had been ripped apart and its black blood stained with sin, flowed from it's body like a great river. Warmth had left the fallen creatures corpse, as did its pain and suffering. It was granted it's freedom only in death, it's body had been it's prison and it's conscience it's only key. And for sacrificing its life, the people of the village feel obliged to sacrifice one day of the year to give thanks to the creature that gave up its life for us." ...read more.

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