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The crucible

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Arthur Miller has based the crucible play on a true story in a small town called Salem. Many people believe he wrote the play as a response to his own experiences in the anti-capitalism trials. The crucible is set in 1692 where some young girls led by Abigail Williams (used to be the maid of the Proctor family) were acting as being witched, so eventually cells got filled with people accused of witchcraft and many men and women were hanged. The play is set in a very theocratic society, in which the religion and the law are one, people then believed the bible told them that witches should be hanged. Since Salem community was very religious, sexual prostitution was considered one of the biggest sins a human can commit. John Proctor is the most complex, and one of the most important characters in the play. Described as a farmer in his thirties He has a very pure, religious wife, who cares about her husband's name a lot called Elizabeth Proctor. We know that John has a ''weighty name'' in the village. John is first introduced to us in act one; we get informed that John had an adulterous affair with his ex-servant Abigail. ...read more.


It is general. There is nothing personal about it. Elizabeth's greeting was ''what keeps you so late it is almost dark" This is a suspicious question from Elizabeth; she thinks John has been with Abigail and that shows the distrust of Elizabeth. I think John knows Elizabeth doesn't trust him. John says, "I think you're sad again. Are you?" John is asking Elizabeth if she is upset, to which Elizabeth replies, "You come so late I thought you'd gone to Salem this afternoon". Here we can interpret that Elizabeth thinks John is still having a sexual relationship with Abigail. John can't resist Elizabeth's suspicion anymore, he thinks he had enough. Therefore he says "Woman I'll not have your suspicion anymore." Here John is calling his wife a ''woman'', making her sound as she not his wife. That makes us feel that he has the upper hand in the relationship. Miller in that conversation shows the lack of trust between the two couples. Which makes their relationship looks really vulnerable to the audience, and that's probably why their conversation very awkward. Marry Warren, the present maid of the proctor family enters and breaks the tension between the two characters. ...read more.


I think the biggest change in John and Elizabeth's relationship was when Elizabeth got arrested, that was cause by Abigail. Miller used Abigail to strain Elizabeth and John's relationship, but Miller also used Abigail to reunite the couples. Later in the act he refuses to sign a testimony that says he has been with the devil. John says '' I have three children - how may I teach them to walk like men in the world''. He thinks if he signs it, his children will not be as others and they will not be able to live a normal life. This show how noble John is, he gave is giving his life to his children. Abigail is without any doubt the villain of the play, and the hero is John. Abigail destroyed Salem, killed a lot of people for her selfishness, but John on the other hand got hanged for his children and his name. Elizabeth is a very pure woman that lied to save her husband's name, which led to his death. As we see the courage of John Proctor, we feel there is encouraging audience sympathy for John Proctor. While we might feel there is discouraging audience sympathy for Abigail Williams. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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