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The Crucible

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The play the crucible was written by Arthur Miller .The play was based on a hurricane of mass hysteria .The crucible has been adapted from true life events .The play shows the cry of witchery evolve and grow out of hand .Written by Arthur Miller based on personal problems which have effected his life .The McCarthy trials in which he found himself in an very difficult position, but also very similar to those of Massachusetts in Salem in the 17th Century. Miller used this play to show opposition to McCarthyism in which it was seen as Un- American to be a communist. Anti-communism was strongly encouraged .Thousands of Americans were accused and they were aggressively investigated and if you wanted to prevent yourself from paying a heavy fine you had to point the finger at someone else, he described this as "Quite crazy". He was really interested by the strong correlation with Communism and the Salem witch hunt .And even went to Salem Massachusetts to research the witch trials. Arthur Miller in the play shows the significance of ones name and the value within it. Abigail Williams a small girl created madness falsely accusing innocent people to seek revenge .She felt once Elizabeth Proctor, John Proctor's wife was dead she will have him all to herself she believes that John Proctor and her haven't finished yet, from their previous affair .Accusing John Proctor of "Putting knowledge in her heart". ...read more.


They were by themselves on the top of a cliff tension added from setting of the scene because it was very romantic and it was to be their last chat so tension was built. As their chat could change everything. Even though it appears to be a calm scene there would have been apprehensiveness John is in all power of his life. As Elizabeth allows John to make up his own mind and "refuses to influence him". The audience are fascinated eager to find out the outcome of the conversation could sway on the way the play ended. John Proctor faces a life threatening predicament ion act 4. First of all he confesses First he confesses after a climax of deep emotions he will rather die than beseech his good name. He is under a lot of pressure tension is created by the significant moments as they haven't seen each other for a long time and need a lot to talk about. He is confused and doesn't know what to do. If he dies his wife and children will be affected .For some people living without a dad is quite hard but if he lives he won't live a fulfilled life and will be mocked .Everyone will think he's a witch he will get tainted for the rest of his life. ...read more.


You see John Proctor facing a life threatening predicament as he would rather die a martyr than live a sinner and destroy his good name and destroy the good name of his children. Arthur miller wrote the play as it was of similarity to what was going on in communism when reputations were destroyed people were often imprisoned and forced to implicate other people. I order for their own lives not to be in jeopardy. The overall effect of dramatic pause caused tension as it signified an significant moment and the moment was marked .Stage direction was used to create maximum tension as in act (his eyes narrow on proctor).Even though is was such a small stage direction so much was figured out we saw Danforth was incredulous and suspicious. The plot is strengthens because of the affair which in real life didn't really occur John Proctor was over 60 years old and Abigail 11 years old in real life . Arthur Miller displays that even deeply religious people make mistakes in their lives and through their imperfections their characters brought the Witch hunt to complete chaos. Tolu Odelusi Mr Brown How does Miller create tension in act 4 of the crucible? - 1 - ...read more.

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