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The Crucible.

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The Crucible To what extent is John and Elizabeth's relationship the focus of The Crucible? A leading American playwright, Arthur Miller, was born in New York City, 17th October 1915. McCarthyism an anti-Communist crusade in the United States in the early 1950s named its chief instigator, Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy. In 1938 the House of Representatives had set up a Committee in Un-American Activities to investigate rebellious (including Communist) activates in the United States of America. Joseph Raymond McCarthy (1908 - 1957) led the campaign against supposed Communists in the early 1950s. McCarthy was born in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, on November 14th 1908, and was educated at Marquette University. The Crucible is about a teenage girl, named Abigail Williams who falls in love with a married man. The twist in the story is that the married man, named John Proctor, commits adultery and swears that he will never love Abigail again. In Abigail Williams' revenge she pushes a whole community into pandemonium. The Puritan's frowned upon witchcraft as the were extremely strict Christians, they will also resist any challenge to their faith and literally believe in the bible. Many of the characters convicted people of witchcraft as a way of getting things off their chests without actually saying what they intend to. For example Abigail Williams claims Elizabeth Proctor is a witch, but in fact she wants to get rid of Elizabeth so that she can spend time with John Proctor. ...read more.


Cheever and Herrich, who are law enforcers, came to arrest Elizabeth Proctor of suspected witchcraft. They chain her up to a cage with many other women who are convicted of witchcraft. Proctor tries to defend Elizabeth Proctor but she say she has to go. John Proctor is furious and suspects Abigail has done this. John Proctor asks Mary Warren that she must tell the court of what Abigail Williams has done, but she is reluctant. But if Mary Warren does, Abigail Williams will just tell the court that John Proctor has committed adultery and he would certainly go to jail if not hanged. This shows that Elizabeth and John's relationship is still going strong, as John is trying to protect Elizabeth, as he does not believe she is a witch. John Proctor finally admits to adultery to the court, and makes his story more believable, and asks for Elizabeth Proctor's confirmation, so the judges ask for Elizabeth Proctor to be taken out of jail and asked a few questions. Elizabeth Proctor lies to the court, saying that John has not committed adultery, but John Proctor says that she doesn't have to cover for him anymore. John accuses the court of fraud saying "... You are pulling down heaven and raising up a whore..." John Proctor is then arrested and scheduled to be hanged. ...read more.


Their relationship is central to the play as without it, there would have been no reason for Abigail Williams to begin all this chaos. Thus meaning the play would have no twist in the plot whatsoever. Elizabeth Proctor and John Proctor's relationship stayed strong throughout the piece of drama, even through the foggiest of paths they went through. John knew when to keep quiet about the subject, and so did Elizabeth Proctor. Their relationship was at it's strongest towards the end of the play, as it showed how much John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor cared about each other and needed each other's company. What urged Proctor to go to court in the first place was Elizabeth Proctor. When she heard that Rebecca Nurse, a religious woman who does not even believe in witchcraft, had been arrested for practising witchcraft. Elizabeth knew it had gone too far and wanted Proctor to tell the truth about Abigail Williams and why she is telling all these lies, to get at Proctor because he does not want to be with her. Going to court was a big mistake it ended in him being condemned. Abigail Williams tried to pursue her dream of having a relationship with John, but when she realised that John would not allow it, Abigail Williams tried to get rid of Elizabeth so she had a greater chance. But as she noticed that her plan did not work, she fled to Boston to become a prostitute, and to never again be seen. ...read more.

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