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The Crucible - a directors view.

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THE CRUCIBLE I am going to make a very good director as I have a very good understanding of the background of the play. I have studied the Crucible very well and have collected information about Arthur Miller who wrote the play. Although the story was written in the 1950's we can still identify the similarities between the 1950's America and 2004 America. Arthur Miller felt what was happening in America at the time was similar to it. However the play Crucible is about the paranoia in a village called Salem. In America during the time the McCarthy Era was happening McCarthy 'black-listed' people meaning prevented people from getting jobs if they refused to show up trials or if he decided that they were a communist. This is quite similar to what happens in Salem as there were also witch trials in Salem because if people were odd or an outcast in the village then they would be singled out and put on trial for being a witch. ...read more.


However the music for this scene should be quiet and sad but with a sense of tension for people to start guessing as to what would happen next. This will therefore show how Elizabeth and Hale feel about what Proctor is going through and also how Proctor is heartbreaking and depressed about being hanged. The time of day he gets hanged will be dawn but a flash of darkness should come over Proctor when he is told to be hanged which will therefore give the scene a tense feeling. The next example of my directing is the scene where Tituba and Sarah think that they are being moved to Barbados when they are really being moved to another cell. The characters present in this scene are Herrick and Hopkins. Tituba should be able to perform in a convincing Jamaican accent all the way through. Herrick and Hopkins should act in a persuasive style with a convincing accent. There's not going to be a lot of props used and so there would be a feeling of space on stage and therefore it won't be clustered. ...read more.


The characters present in this scene are Elizabeth, Danforth, Hale and Hathorne. The only advice to be given is to have persuasive facial expressions and also know how to answer questions when put under anxiety. The only props used are chains which will be used when Elizabeth is being bought into the court to show the audience the effect of her power being a witch. The sound effects will show how Elizabeth is really feeling about being told to persuade Proctor to confess. Spot lights will also be used on her to show her facial expressions. Therefore as you can see, I have a great understanding of the play 'Crucible' and so would make a superior director. I assure that the play if directed by me would become one of the most popular plays as it would be a play full of life and so most people would want to watch it. Although I have many more high-quality ideas, the examples I have given so far were just brief samples of my work. However if I am given the chance to direct this play I would surely make this play an unforgettable play! ...read more.

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