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The Crucible Coursework by Arthur Miller

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The Crucible Coursework by Arthur Miller How does Arthur Miller create a dramatic atmosphere and build tension for the audience in Act 3. In Act 1, we find out the basic atmosphere and setting of the play. We are introduced to a character Mr.Parris and find that he is praying but at this point do not know why. As Act 1 progresses we find out that Salem is a place of witchcraft and that a group of girls in the village are supposedly had dealings with the devil. In Act 2, we find two main characters, John and Elizabeth Proctor. They are both trying to please each other, because we know that Elizabeth has found out about an affair John has had with one of the group of girls, Abigail. Abigail is one of the main girls who took part with dancing in the forest with the rest of them, and know that she is very powerful and in a way, type of bully to rest of the girls when they are not allowed to tell anyone about the dealings in the forest. At the end of this scene, Elizabeth gets arrested on a murder charge. Act 3 is a very important part of the play because it is where most of the tension and dramatic things take place. ...read more.


We can notice from the stage directions that Giles is being carried on to the stage by Herrick. When the Judge Hathorne enters, 'How dare you come roarin' into this court! Are you gone daft, Corey!' The audience are now worried for Giles of what Hathorne might do t him, because we can understand the hierchary of the characters. The audience then gets another shock when we hear Giles answer back. 'You're not a Boston Judge yet, Hathorne. You'll not call me daft!" We can get the impression that Giles doesn't care who he is talking to, whether Hathorne is a judge or not, at least they can have the courtesy to listen to what he has to say whether they agree with it or not. The audience would feel that the way Giles enters and the way that he has spoken to the judge, he wants go get a point across to save his wife, from this trial and accusation. Danforth is a judge in the court room, in a way he is Hathorne's second man. From the stage directions we notice that when he enters the stage, the rest of the court goes quiet. We can now guess that he plays an important part in the court. We also find out that he isn't afraid of what others are going to say to prove their innocents, he is able to get his own way no matter what. ...read more.


'(reaches out and holds her face, then): Look at me!' The audience can now see how under pressure Elizabeth is and how important and serious that the judge Danforth is taking this whole thing. The set up of the stage is very important and the audience must see the significant meaning of it. It starts by the way that the characters are standing. This symbolises the love triangle between the three characters. '(To Abigail): Turn your back. Turn your back. (To Proctor): Do likewise." It is important for the audience to see this symbol because they can then know the meaning and the point of Elizabeth's questioning. When Elizabeth leaves the courtroom on the charge of lying, Hale wants Danforth to bring Elizabeth back so that she can be questioned fairly, and that he is now on Proctors side. 'Remove her Marshal! Proctor :( crying out) Elizabeth I have confessed it!" The audience would now be feeling worried because she has tried to save her husband but he has confessed the whole thing, about him and Abigail. We would now be wondering why and what is going to happen to Elizabeth. Maratha Corey is Giles' wife and we know that from the way he enters the stage that he wants to free his wife from the court. In Giles' deposition, he accuses Mr. Putnam, that his daughter has accused George Jacobs of witchery who is already in jail. Things go wrong for ...read more.

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