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The Crucible

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The Crucible Miller shows the strain in John and Elizabeth's relationship in a number of ways. He does this by giving them each one line; he does this to show that the couple are greatly uncomfortable with talking to each other. "What keeps you so late? It's almost dark" "I were planting far out to the forest edge". this shows that this couple is very scared to talk to each other and say more than one short sentence to each other. The tension builds up when they are having a conversation. In addition, Miller shows the strain in this relationship through stage directions like: "Elizabeth received the kiss with a certain disappointment" this shows the strain as she does not kiss him back, she only receives it. ...read more.


Men where very powerful over women, they where in charge of everything around their own household and could resort to violence if the women did not do what they requested. People in 1962 has only the bible to read, so they had to followed everything the Bible said. The fear of devil was very common not only to women but also for men too. Miller shows that John is as well as everyone else; he does not want the devil and wants to drive it away any way he can: "I'll whip the devil out of you". This quote shows that John wants to whip Mary Warren in the belief that this will get rid of the devil in her. He has done this before and he says this possibly to scare Mary out of her shoes, by mentioning the devil in his anger-filled statement. ...read more.


This makes the audience watching the play feel that John is the head of the family and can do what he wants. This would only take a minute on stage, which would not be exciting to the audience, but Miller is trying to make the drama as realistic as possible. Further more the stage directions also show John's anger towards the women in his house. Miller shows that men in Massachusetts where very violent against women and could get aggressive and violent. "With a violent undertone" The quote shows that at this part of the play John was very aggressive and almost showing some violence in some way, even the tone of his voice displays his aggression. Miller creates the language of the seventeenth-century spoken in Massachusetts carefully that the audience, hearing it instantly know that they are in a different world to their own. It helps to make the action on the stage more real. ...read more.

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