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The Day Which was a Start of a New beginning

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The day which was the start to a new beginning It is eleven minutes past one o'clock and all of the visitors have left, leaving us to rest in peace, I haven't been able to get any sleep all night tonight, and neither do I want to sleep. The area is all quiet, which will let me think of the good Sixteen years of my life. I better waste no time, and start remembering all the good moments. Our family is much larger than an average family of three to four members, as we have three brothers, 2 sisters plus mother and father. So that makes us the fabulous seven. Mother is unable to work, as she has to look after the children. Father works for a local electrical company, as an electric technician. We lived in a standard three bedroom, semi-detached house. However it was very cramped being seven of use and only three bedrooms meant that we had to room share. The house was stunning; it was as beautiful as the petal of a flower. Even though father was struggling to pay those huge loans, debts and mortgages, he still managed to keep us happy. One day while mother was flickering through the paper, she was shocked when she so an extremely outstanding house on the market, which consisted of seven bedrooms, newly built, fully furnished with en-suite bedrooms. ...read more.


I didn't want to disappoint father as he was only looking for the benefit of the family, who he loved so much. The week flew as fast as a rocket, and it was already Saturday morning. Father and I had to wake up incredibly early to get ready to set out on our journey towards Brighton. I was on one side nervous and also happy that I could just maybe see a house of my dreams. We left our house at 08:30 and arrived in Brighton at around 10:45. As we drove through the city centre, the area didn't look as bad as I first thought of it and the local's also looked very friendly. My heart was beating quickly, thinking that I might get brainwashed into this whole idea. The area was as clean as a whistle; the roads were as flat as a pancake, also as smooth as velvet. I was also feeling that I was beginning to like this place from the centre of my heart, not just because of mother and fathers wishes, but because of the fact that what I saw, I loved. Shortly after driving down the city centre, within a few minutes we arrived at out destination, at the house, where the Estate Agent awaited us. After a few welcoming words between father and the estate agent we were taken into the home to view, what it had to offer. ...read more.


I was also keen to know from him, in his opinion what the school was like. He replied with a sensible answer saying, I'm not going to say that all the pupils who attend here are perfect, as nobody is perfect. The school has really good teachers, who are committed to their pupils learning. It may not have plush surroundings but had excellent learning facilities. I was very impressed with his answer He looked studious and I felt as if he was being honest. When we arrived home, mother immediately came rushing through to the door, in desperation to find out what we thought the property was like and wanting to know if we are going to move in or not. So once again we gathered the family around the table to discuss, the benefits and disadvantages would be of the move, looking at both points of view the advantages were more than the disadvantages which meant, that this move would be great for the family. Everyone was already convinced enough by mother and were all awaiting my answer. They all waited, it was as silent as a graveyard. I broke the silence and replied YES!!!!!!! Mother burst out in happiness, and was running around the house as fast as a cheetah in happiness. All we hear next is pin drop silence, wondering what happened to mothers extreme happiness celebrations. I went to see, walked up the creaky stairs and there she lay on the cold wooden floor....................... ...read more.

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