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The Essay "Wake up George," my mum shouted up the stairs. "Coming," I exclaimed with that croaky morning voice. It was early on that dreaded Monday morning, the one where the English GCSE essay was meant to be in. I had spent till eleven 'O' clock the following evening doing it but I had finished and was ready to hand in this morning which was a new thing for me, meeting deadlines. I slumped over on my right shoulder dragged my feet out from underneath the covers and put them on the floor whilst I hauled my body upright. I stood up sharply and then had to sit down again because of the head rush. I eventually staggered into the bathroom, and turned the shower on and got in. I had breakfast which had the usual vivid morning conversation which consists of my dad asking "what are you doing today at school son," to which I reply "stuff" because I cannot bear thinking or even uttering the words of double maths physics, which were my first lessons. I then slowly meandered my way down the Garden path towards the garage where I got out my bike; which, by the way is the biggest pile of rubbish in the whole of the northern hemisphere. ...read more.


I was, apart from a couple of grazes on my elbows and a dead leg. I apologised profusely and explained to him that I was on my way to school to hand in an essay for my GCSE and I was late. He seemed really sympathetic and said "wait there one second while I have a word with my boss." He walked over to the back window of his Limo and knocked on the glass the widow slowly came down and I saw a man look out. I didn't recognize him at first but then it clicked the man in the back of the Limo was not only the greatest film director ever Steven Spielberg. He looked at me then looked back at his chauffer and smiled. The chauffer looked at me and made a hand gesture at me to get in the back of the Limo. He opened the door for me, I felt like I was royalty. I got in and Steven introduced himself and then said to me "don't worry about the bike I will get you a new one a lot better than that piece of junk." We both looked at each other and laughed. "My driver will also get you to your school in time to hand your essay in as well," he said with a hint of boldness in his voice. ...read more.


around corners skidding to avoid cars and I only just made it but in the hurry must have left my essay in the Limo. She looked at me then laughed out loud. "You would have had a better chance saying that aliens abducted you and their funny alien dog ate your homework than your excuse" she exclaimed in gaps between her laughter. "No Miss you must believe me it's true I swear" I pleaded with her. I was fighting a losing battle; there was no way in a million years that she would ever believe me. Just then there was an abrupt knock on the door. The teacher sub-consciously shouted "come in." The door opened swiftly and in stepped Steven Spielberg. "I believe that this belongs to one of your pupils he left it in my car" he said with a modest sense of self importance. If I could have taken a picture of my teachers jaw drop it was priceless. I walked up with a great sensation of pride and satisfaction as I smiled at my teacher and collected it from his hand. "Thank you I said with the biggest smile across my face. With that he winked at me and walked out. The whole class was silent and every pair of eyes stared at me. I chuckled to my self and smugly said, "told you so." ...read more.

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