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The Explosion.

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The Explosion. As I arrived in the plane, I looked out of the window with great anticipation. I saw the volcano it was colossal, I could feel the blistering heat coming from the volcano, even though I was still in the plane. And there was lava squirting out of the summit like nothing I have ever seen before. Mauna Loa is renowned for its unpredictability, and it was practically unstable now. It was like an egg being boiled until it finally cracked, but in this case it would not be the soft yellow centre squirting out, it would be a vast flow of molten lava oozing out, with rocks soaring into the sky like a space shuttle departing for space. This was the first time I had been to Hawaii. I was told by a geologist that it was the most unpredictable volcanic island in the world. I felt my whole body shiver as I was told this, but I knew it would be the greatest experience of my life. ...read more.


We arrived at the headquarters of Mauna Loa analysing office at 9.00 am with frantic driving by Richard.We had come to meet Professor David Roberts, who had travelled over to give many lectures for us in Oxford, and he was a very intelligent man but also very generous. He offered for Richard and I the opportunity to experience a real volcano and that he would give us some accommodation if we needed for a few weeks. And we were hoping that this offer was still open, as we had come very far to take a rejection. But we were quite certain that Professor Roberts would be overwhelmed to see us. We knocked on his office doors a few times but there was no reply, we assumed that he was out surveying Mauna Loa, so Richard and I decided to take a brisk walk up the mountain, leaving our equipment in the trailer. We weren't far from the summit some 1000 meters, not a great distance, but enough for us to stretch our legs after the long flight. ...read more.


There was no doubt about we had to leave the area as quick as we can. "Come on put you're foot down" "Im doing my best" said Richard I could see myself perspiring and I knew that we were in great trouble. There were large pieces of rock landing everywhere, it was like a shower of rocks. We were now out of the danger zone, we stopped the car and admired that we had unmistakably just experienced a volcano erupting. It was clearly the scariest moment of my life. I was trembling with fear n=knowing that I nearly lost my life, but It was also the most exhilarating moment of my life. Running from an erupting volcano knowing you could not stop or that would be the end of you, it was like hell. Richard was on the floor puffed out by all the running and looked like he had just eaten 1000 burgers and could not eat any more. Whilst I was totally exhausted but also overwhelmed by the sheer power of nature, and how much of a peril it can be. -1-Owain Rhys Brown-English Coursework-Miss Nicholas-Best Writing ...read more.

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