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The Fat Fever

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Magazine: A Teenage Girls' Magazine Audience: Teenage Girls The Fat Fever A global body image survey of nearly 40,000 CosmoGIRL! readers conducted by the CosmoGIRL! magazine, in the United States of America and their seven sister editions around the world declared that more than 80 per cent of their readers think that they would experience drastic improvements in their lives if they lost weight. Why wouldn't they think so? You have to be conscious about your looks to impress guys. The only thing that guys look for, in you is your figure- 34-26-34 for instance. If this doesn't meet their wants, they will never look back at you again. Your sense of humor, your intelligence quotient, your sports interests, and the fact that you can play the guitar will be of no use to impress the boy of your dreams if you're not well-shaped. ...read more.


This would affect your social life. Pressure for dieting: According to CosmoGirl poll results, girls are very likely to go on a diet if their mothers are dieting. And nearly half of the readers say that they feel pressure for improving their body from their friends. A lot of this pressure comes from the media. When you see Selena Gomez wearing that totally gorgeous dress, you would obviously get a complex. Only you know how jealous you feel when you see those super thin super models wearing awesome dresses. Body Satisfaction: As you grow older, body satisfaction decreases. In 38,173 online surveys conducted by North American CosmoGIRL! it was concluded that a majority of girls aged 13-18 are somewhat satisfied with their bodies; a majority of girls aged 19-23 say they are completely dissatisfied. ...read more.


Later in life when you realize that you need to lose weight, what if it might be too late? Imagine what would happen if you remain single all your life? You shudder to think about it, don't you? Changing the way you think about your body is undeniably not the solution to make your life worth living; changing your body to make your life better is. Almost 80 per cent of Hispanic CosmoGIRL! readers also think so, as they are always dissatisfied with their bodies. Only being wealthy and wise is not the key to the good life; you also need to be healthy! You can maintain your body by going to the gym, playing a sport or even exercising regularly makes a vast difference. Hopefully, my advice will wake you up and make you figure conscious as not being so would cause major problems in every aspect of your life. ...read more.

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