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The Fate of the Insomniac

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The Fate of the Insomniac The end of the world occurred as many would have predicted; too many humans, and not enough space or resources to go around. Countries were engulfed with flames, and sunk into boiling oceans. Humanity was almost extinguished, the spirits of the dead becoming another part of the background radiation that blanketed the earth. However, some did survive. Jack was growing weary. For the past three weeks now he hadn't slept. He no longer felt like person inside his body, he felt a like a pale reflection of a man he once knew. His senses had dropped, and any noises that he may have heard were faint echoes of sounds that seemed far away. His grip on reality was being slowly released. On the way home one evening Jack took his usual route, he passed the waste mounds, and walked along the disused railway line, which had now become very muddy due to the heavy downfalls of rain in the weeks just past. Suddenly there was a slight vibration in the ground. The puddles of water started to show signs of rippling. There was a gradual crescendo. The noise and rumble soon climaxed into a violent pulsation, which compelled Jack to be flung back, into a narrow alley that cut down steeply. After falling down the peculiarly steep street, Jack found himself in an old ruined theatre. He was at the top of a large auditorium. ...read more.


He had a disturbed expression on his face, his mouth hung open and his eyes were widened, he looked as though he had just seen a ghost. Jack then saw the man in the maroon tie, and in an electric wheelchair, move over toward the agonising old man with what looked like to be a small cup of coffee in his hands. The cup, now in the casually dressed old man's hands, gave calming peace to his limbs and face. He proceeded to pour the steaming content of the cup onto a small paper napkin that lay in his lap. Once this task was complete the old woman, who was also in an automatic wheelchair, moved over to him. She picked up the now stained and wet napkin, rolled it into a ball type shape and pushed it into his open mouth. Now feeling very insecure Jack headed for the exit. He ran to the west side of the auditorium, and began searching frantically for the exit. "We're not gonna open it, unless you audition for our play, Jack." whispered the bald old woman. "Who are you three? What do you want from me?! Where the hell am I!" he screamed. The wheezy old man sighed, "Listen to your self, you already know the answer." With that all three of them started giggling, "Having fun sleeping Jack?" yelled the old lady, starting to laughing even more now. ...read more.


"Am I, dead?" said Jack quietly. There was no reply. Now agitated Jack said loudly "Where the hell am I!". Again the three people opposite said nothing, they simply stared at him without emotion. "Just tell me where I am!" shouted Jack much angrier than ever before. He repeated his question shouting louder every time. Now so agitated Jack picked up the chair he was sitting on, and hurled it at the window, the emotion had grown too great for him. Upon hitting the window, it shattered. He watched one of the glass shards fall to the ground. It turned and rotated while giving of a reflective glow in the sunlight, before smashing onto the ground far below giving of the faintest sound to indicate its inevitable arrival. Jack stood on the edge of the window, only an inch of flooring protected him from his certain death. He looked down. An ambulance was at the railway tracks. Jack jumped. Whilst falling in the air, he looked up at the opening he jumped out of; the two men were now standing in his previous position smiling down at him. As the opening grew smaller and smaller, Jack turned his head to look at the ground that would kill him. Just before he hit it, he saw the man that had been hit by the train, ?? ?? ?? ?? The Fate of the Insomniac by Nicholas Rowland Page 1 4/10/2008 - 1 - ...read more.

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