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The Father

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The Father Pirandello's play, "Six Characters in Search of an Author", narrates the happenings of a family of roughly sketched characters, abandoned by their author. The father, the mother, the step daughter, the son and the boy interrupt the rehearsal of another of Pirandello's plays in order to get the manager to stage their life drama. * The Father, described as "a man about 50 [...] thick moustaches, falling over his still fresh mouth, which often opens in an empty and uncertain smile. [...] He is alternatively mellifluous and violent in his manner." The Father is the one that tries to convince the Manager that he and his family are indeed characters, and, along with his stepdaughter, he is the one that insists on the enactment of their drama. ...read more.


The Step Daughter sees him as a perverted man that tries to destroy the unity of her family. Although the Father states that his intentions were always good, the Daughter doubts him and accuses him of the drama in their lives. In return, the Father blames the Step Daughter for the fact that the author has refused to give the characters life. Their continuous fight shatters the balance of reality that usually characterizes a play. The Father is also Pirandello's way to prove that the stage is inefficient in reproducing the "reality". The Father argues with the Manager about the setting of the stage that does not correspond with the real setting of their drama. He is also irritated by the poor performance of the Actors that alter his identity, and therefore the way the audience will perceive him. ...read more.


He uses his Characters not only to transmit the plot to the audience, but also to introduce the idea of "theater in the mirror". The Father is most of the time narrating the tragedy of his family, instead of actually playing it. He is usually criticizing the Manager and his way of directing the play. Ultimately, the Father is the Character that seems to take the author's place in developing the plot of the tragedy. However, all his struggles of putting this play on the stage in a realistic way fail: The Manager is untouched by the Character's drama, and considers the time spent with them a waste of time. Pirandello considers the Father the "most eager to live" and the "most alive" because he "naturally [comes] forward and [directs] and [drags] along the almost dead weight of the others". With a last cry, he still insists on his reality "Pretence? Reality, sir reality!" ...read more.

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