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The Final Five Minutes

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Seven Ages of Man Jordan Newbury E10 The Final Five Minutes Here I am lying in my hospital bed and I've just been told, this is it, I'm not sure how I feel, maybe relieved. This Illness has gone on too long and I have lost any energy I may have had for the fight. When the doctor told me, a very nice girl, she had tears down her cheeks and I ended up telling her that it was all right. I think this is the first time since it began I have been able to feel relaxed and calm. ...read more.


Although I am sad to be leaving them behind I know they will be OK and supported by my own family and friends and also theirs ass well when they are called upon. I know my family are close and will stick together through thick and thin to cope with the good and bad times together. I am holding my sons hands and telling him that things will carry on without me as normal and he must help his sister to get by being strong and helping his mum when she needs it and act as the man of the house. ...read more.


I don't know if I am ready yet, I want to say goodbye before I go anywhere. I'm thinking of my own parents and my past like a picture album remembering the good things when I was young. I seem to be going further away and every body is shouting, I wish they would be quiet and let me rest. All of a sudden everything is clear and I can see my family this makes me feel very happy and I am ready to go. Things are getting dark and I think this might be it, I don't care as long as it happens straight away and I do not look to silly. Everything is extremely quite and this is where I find out what really happens at the end. ...read more.

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