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The Flash Back Scene in An Inspector Calls

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Holly Ashton 10S Flash Back Scene Eric is sitting at the bar with some other young men, drinking. Eva Smith is sitting not far from Eric with her back turned towards him. The lighting is dark blue with a bit of smoke for effect. The smoke would be created with smoke machines and thelighting would be cast down on the stage from overhead lights. In addition, a foot light is focussed on Eric to give a more intimate feel, similar to a table light effect. Where Eric is sitting the lighting is slightly brighter to pick out the main characters' faces. Eva Smith is still in the shadow at this point, just outside the spotlight. Tables are set out in an irregular order in the background. The audience can see groups of people, some obviously gambling and some drinking. As the characters begin to speak the lights near them brighten as the light on the rest of the actors darkens, creating a feeling of intimacy. Eric (Waving his goblet at the bar keeper) Another! Eva Smith now comes slowly into the light, but not enough for the audience to actually see what she really looks like. Eric (Motioning towards Eva Smith. Obviously very drunk.) Can I buy you a drink? Eva Yes, I'll have a brandy. Eric (With a disgusted look on his face) Barkeeper, a brandy for this lovely women. (Addressing Eva) How can you drink that stuff? ...read more.


In 1912 it was a big time of change. I think this is why the author set the play at this particular time, because the play was written in the 1960's; this was also a major time of change and that's why I think the writer of the play has set the play in 1912, so that it will hold some reference for the audience. I have opened the play up with the following stage directions because I wanted the audience to still be in a slight wonder about who Eva Smith really is. I also wanted the smoke effect to make the scenes seem a little hazy, as if they were truly plucked out of someone's memory. I have also made sure throughout the play that the audience never get a true glimpse of what Eva Smith really looks like, so that I can make sure that it keeps the audience interested. They will think that they may get a true glimpse of what Eva's face looks like. Towards the end of the opening stage directions I have brightened the lights up near the main actors so that the audience can see them more clearly. I also think by doing this it draws the audience's attention to the characters in the play and by dulling the lights round the fill in actors it puts all the focus on Eric and Eva. ...read more.


The change wouldn't take that long because they could dull the lights and then, put a new back drop on and put one couch on and cover the existing furniture with cloths. It shouldn't take more than two minutes. The next thing was the next section of stage directions, which needed to include how they moved from one area to the next. I decided to include again the fact that they were drunk, I did this as a reminder to the audience. The reason that I increased the smoke is to make the first break off point to the audience that the scene is finally coming to an end. The interchange here would be a gradual change as the smoke throughout would start off fairly light and towards the end get heavier. I also make sure that the audience still haven't seen Eva, so that it also adds to the tension and lets the audience imagine what Eva Smith looks like. The reason I make the place where they spend the night a friend's apartment, so that it gives the impression to the audience that Eric is still very reliant on his parents for money and shelter. Also it lets Eva known that Eric may not be as well off as he first makes out to be. Also by being at a friend's it also creates a bit of danger. The quote "Do you think this is right?" is significant because it shows that there is still doubt in Eva's mind right until the last minute. ...read more.

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