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The Fury Part II.

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The Fury Part II The darkness filled Mr. And Mrs. Fletcher's room, Mr. Fletcher was fast asleep but Mrs Fletcher was not. Mrs Fletcher hadn't slept al night; she was very scared and frightened of what Mr. Fletchers reaction will be when she tells him that she killed his rabbits. The hours were going very slowly for Mrs Fletcher as she lay on her bed looking at the bright full moon that lit her blonde hair and made the moon reflect in her eyes. Mrs Fletcher was thinking of what to say and how to act when Mr. Fletcher woke up. The sun was up and shone through the gap in the curtains and on to Mr. ...read more.


Fletcher and tried to comfort him. "Leave me alone, you've gone and done it this time, you've ruined everything" Mr. Fletcher said in a disturbed voice. "I'm sorry, I was so angry" Mr. Fletcher stormed back into the house and grabbed the first set of clothes he saw. He rushed out of the front door, which was slammed so violently the glass at the top of the cracked. Mr. Fletcher walked out of the house and down the street very bitter and very disconcerted; he trampled past an antiques shop and saw an old-fashioned teapot, which Mrs. Fletcher had desired for a very long time. Mr. Fletcher stood there and thought for a moment then walked into the compact shop and asked the shop assistant, who had just finished polishing a tall colourful statue, if he could possibly purchase the teapot. ...read more.


"See how it feels, well I guess you wouldn't, you don't have a heart" Mr. Fletcher shouted in a loud and barbaric tone. Mr. Fletcher's feelings were of anger. "Why?" Mrs. Fletcher already knew the answer. Mrs. Fletcher collapsed and picked up the pieces to see if it was fixable. " Now stay out of my life" Howled Mr. Fletcher at the top of his voice. "Please don't abandon me". Mr. Fletcher walked out of the house slowly and didn't glance back. Mrs. Fletcher sat down and contemplated about her mum and dad. They had split up over jealously and she remembered her mum going up to her room with a black eye and tears running down her face. Mrs. Fletcher realized her marriage had crumbled like her parents. ...read more.

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