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the general and his labyrinth

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Angie Martinez January 2, 2007 The General in His Labyrinth & The Wars Simon Bolivar and Robert Ross are great Heroes. In The General in his Labyrinth, Gabriel Garcia Marquez portrays Simon Bolivar as a brave character whose leadership and risks turn against him when he least expects it. In The Wars, by Timothy Findley, Robert Ross, the protagonist, is portrayed as a man whose strength is what keeps him from suffering the challenging risks, betrayal and losses he has to confront while being at war. The brave actions of these two characters can be viewed and contrasted in the basis of the challenges they have to face in their lives, their character traits and their failures. Overall, In the two novels, The General in His Labyrinth and The Wars, the hero's journey defines the actions of the main characters, both take great risks and are good leaders, both suffer loss and betrayal and both are heroes, in spite of their many differences. The general in His labyrinth, is a novel in which Gabriel Garcia Marquez identifies the brave actions of the protagonist, through the way in which his leadership and dream for a continental unity leads him to his biggest failure. The General, the protagonist in the novel, liberates South America from the Spanish Empire. Before he fights his last battle, many of his enemies believe he will be incapable of defeating the Spaniards, because he is sick, "For a while they thought he was dying in Pativilca he crossed the Andean peaks again, conquered at Juni, completed the ...read more.


(Findley, 82)6. This quote illustrates, Robert Ross and the rest of his troop is desperate because they want to remain alive. In fact the way in which he experiences war is a challenge that puts his life at risk and makes him emotionally unstable. When Robert Ross, joins the army he expects love and support from his parents, however his mother turns his back on him, "I know what you want to do. I know you want to go away and be a soldier. Well you can go to hell" (Findley, 23)7. This affects Robert, because he feels that his mother will never forgive him for not preventing the death of his sister. This is why by joining, he thinks his mother will consider his bravery and would stop blaming him for Rowena's tragic death. While at war, Robert is also betrayed by his colleagues when he is raped, "His assailant who he though were crazies had been his fellow soldiers. Maybe even his brother officers. He'd never saw their faces" (Findley, 193)8. This demonstrates that Robert's dignity is taken away by his own partners. The betrayal of his colleagues is one of that challenges and events that marks his life forever. Robert Ross has close relationship with his sister Rowena. In fact Rowena Means the world to him, "When she smiled, he though she was his mother. Later when he came to realize she couldn't walk and never felt the chair, he became her guardian. ...read more.


Robert was her guardian. And he was locked in his bedroom" (Findley, 15)16. This quote is by Stuart, Robert's youngest brother. It is significant, because Robert is blamed for not watching his sister, this affects him emotionally and directs him into a life of war, suffering and chaos. The disillusionments and deceptions of Robert and the General began, because their first decisions were wrongly made. Simon Bolivar, for instance, created independence in South America without considering the negative impacts it would bring to his career. Robert Ross, on the other hand, is unable to forgive himself for not preventing his sister's death and chooses the army to escape from a tragic reality. Overall the brave actions of these two characters comply with the risks they take, their traits and their failures. Simon Bolivar and Robert Ross are two Characters, whose actions define their bravery. Although, Simon Bolivar is betrayed by his own idea of independence his leadership and dreams makes him a hero. Robert Ross, on the Hand is a character whose strength and love for his sister is what makes him strong, in spite of the challenging risks he has to take and the disappointments he faces. For this reason, these two characters can be compared, their leadership is what makes others look up to them, however their response to their failures is what makes their heroism different. Overall, Simon Bolivar, and Robert Ross's are two characters whose way of leading others, disappointments and the way in which others look up to them, defines their bravery. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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