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The Go-Between

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The Go-Between Chapter four Reading chapter four it is clear to see that Leo fells like a new person. He loves his new clothes and is so happy that he is the centre of attraction at the lunch that takes place at the Maids head. Pg 48 'My appearance was greeted with ones of acclaim as if the whole party had been living for this moment' and 'I had to wait until tea for the public acknowledgement...' Leo seems to really want to please the Maudsley's and all the guests that naturally are at a high status. I feel a bit sorry for him because it shows that he lacks self confidence, and just like his mother is sensitive to public opinion (pg 24 line 3). Leo only is feeling a lot more confident around the Maudsley's maybe because he now looks like one of them. Marian's actions are a bit suspicious in this chapter. She asked Leo to meet her by the statue of Thomas Browne after shopping, but Leo says: pg 48 'She seemed to be saying goodbye to someone...' ...read more.


Leo and Marian's relationship is developing... Leo taking it seriously and intimate, and as for Marian who is taking it as care and friendliness to a guest, who is her little brother's friend. Chapter five Leo is too concerned about Marian's well being as if he were a grown man. He has chosen to like Trimingham and think of his presence as a kind gesture from the Maudsley's to a dependant. I think Leo is trying to satisfy himself by saying this. He wants to think of Trimingham as man who is pitied upon due his disfigurement by the Maudsley's. Marcus might be catching the measles and that probably means that Leo will be moving around solo. It may be an advantage, for Leo might discover more. The Church party seems to bring everyone a bit closer maybe because it is related to holiness and God. Leo seems to want to talk to Marian whenever possible just to get close to her. Marian does not want to be close to Trimingham. ...read more.


He does not know if less or more of a person. Leo has his mind set on wrong things; he should not get too used to living it large with the Maudsley's for it is not going to last forever. His racing thoughts may become actions! All three chapters Reading through these three chapters a lot of information has slowly been revealed and is making sense now. Knowing that Viscount Trimingham owns Brandamhall and is a guest at his own house...it is a possibility that the parents want Marian to marry him to get some wealth. It is also a possibility that Trimingham could ask them to move out of the mansion, which he seems most likely not to do. Trimingham seems too much of a gentleman having read the book this far. I say this because Deny's said in a low voice Pg 54 '...the tenant of Black farm, we can't be rude to him...' and 'Trimingham wouldn't like it for another.' The neighbour must have been an acquaintance of Trimingham which made them be nice to him. Trimingham's ranking is higher than all of theirs. Maybe that is why they want Marian marrying him, for it would be an advantage for themselves. ...read more.

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