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The Godfather ~ Novel By Mario Puzo.

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THE GODFATHER ~ NOVEL BY MARIO PUZO BOOK REPORT BY SEBASTIEN HAMMOND 9F The novel starts off with Amerigo Bonasera in the New York Criminal Court. He was there on account of the acts of two young American men who had cruely taken advantage of his daughter. He sat in the court room, worryied. He wanted justice, he demanded justice, but when the judge gave the men a pittiful sentence of one year probation and community work, Bonasera knew what to do. To go to the one man who provided every friend of his justice, the Godfather, Don Corleone. It was the last Saturday in August 1945 and the day of the Don's daughter's wedding. Constanzia, or Connie, Corleone was ready to be-wed long-time boyfreind Carlo Rizzi. Don Vito Corleone was probably the most respected and honoured men in New York. Whenever somebody needed help of any kind, they would visit the Don. He always kept his promises and never made the excuse that the people he had to deal with were ' too powerful '. Even on the day of his daughter's wedding, Don Corleone still had appointments with people. The first, with Nazorine, a pudgy Italian baker whom baked the wedding cake, then with Anthony Coppola, whom needed five hundred dollars to fund his new pizzeria and Amerigo Bonasera, who wanted (and got) ...read more.


Around about Christmas time Michael Corleone, the Don's youngest son, Kay Adams, a young blonde American girl who was Michael's girlfreind, Tom Hagen and the Don all went shopping. Don Corleone walked out of the store and stopped off at the next shop which was a fruit stall. Just as he was picking out some to buy, a black car drove past him, shooting at him and hitting the Don twice. Michael and Kay came rushing out of another store only to see the car drive off. The Don was put in hospital immediatly. Don Vito Corleone had been in hospital for about one month. Michael Corleone came to visit him. He expected to find bodyguards protecting his father, but when he entered the room, only the nurse was there. Michael was outraged. After being told by the nurse that the police had sent them away for disrupting hospital services, he calmed down. Michael then knew what to do. He insisted on the nurse move the Don to another room, after some hesitiance they both picked up the bed and brought him the another room. Michael was walking down the hall to phone his older brother Santino, Sonny to most, when Enzo arrived un-expectadly. Together both Michael and Enzo rushed down to the front of the hospital. ...read more.


Back in Sicily Michael had met a beautiful girl by the name of Appollonia. After time they got marryied. One day, whilst trying to teach Appollonia to drive, Michael was payed a visit by Don Tommasino, head of the Tommasino mafia family in Palermo. He brought the sad news of Santino's (Sonny's) death. He also told Michael to move to a small villa near Siracusa for proctection.Michael and Appollonia were going to leave the next day. The next day came. Michael walked out of the house and helped Appollonia with the lugagge in the boot. Appollonia waited in the car while Michael got the last suitcase. Just as Michael walked out of the house he saw a man slowly and very suspiciously walk away from the back of the car. Michael screamed out bout it was to no avail. The car exploded in a mini-mushroom cloud of red-orangy ash. Michael decided to come back home to America. Here he sold the family business which was importing Italian Olive Oil and moved to Las Vegas where he bought a hotel with a casino. Johnny Fontane signed a contract which made him make five appearances a year at the hotel singing. Carlo Rizzi was eventually choked to death when he made a false deal with Michael to send Carlo to Las Vegas with them. Michael had a little boy named Anthony and finally Don Vito Corleone died due to old age. ...read more.

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