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The headmaster says that Mrs Kay regards education as being like

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The headmaster says that Mrs Kay regards education as being like "one long game." Compare and contrast the presentation of Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs considering how the play's translation into film has made it dramatically interesting and entertaining. Our day out was written in 1977. It originated from Willy Russell's experiences at Shorefields Comprehensive school where he taught from 1973 - 1974. during that year that he taught, Russell accompanied the teacher of the remedial department, Mrs Dorothy King, on a trip which was to Conway castle and zoo for the children in her care, and at the last minute, a Deputy head teacher also joined them in going to the trip, and created a potential recipe for disaster. But during the course of the day however the deputy head teacher relaxed and had a nice time but then he went back to his usual self at the end of the day. By doing this he destroyed all the achievement he had made that day. ...read more.


Humor is used when inside the coach the kids are stuffing themselves with sweets and lemonade and when the driver comes on board and turns his face there is not a sweet or bottle in sight. The driver pulls out a note and tells a kid at the front seat to get whatever sweets he can with the money. Briggs's treatment of the children is very different to that of Mrs Kay's. Briggs is a very strict teacher and Mrs kay is very calm with the children. An example of this is when the kids are getting sweets from the shop Mrs Kay says to Briggs, "well, I just thought you might like to have a sit down away from them for a few minutes." Briggs reply's, "to be quite honest, Mrs Kay I think we should all be inside, looking after them. Do you think it was wise just letting them all pour in there at once?". ...read more.


I think that Briggs destroys the film because he does not want anyone to see him having a nice time, and probably does not want to ruin his reputation as being a strict teacher and does not want the kids to take him too softly and take advantage of him. He probably also does not want the headmaster to see him having a good time because the headmaster sent him to look after the kids and keep an eye out. The play ends with Briggs getting into his car , pulls away and at the junction turns right and Carol walking along the street with the goldfish in her grasp looks up at the disappearing car. The play is very effective in the way that it shows us a teacher who is really strict and is always shouting at the kids and he turns into this teacher who is having fun and enjoying his time with the children but then at the end of the day he ruins it all by destroying the film on purpose and probably will return to his old self. ...read more.

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