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The Hollywood Factor

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  • Essay length: 622 words
  • Submitted: 27/05/2009
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GCSE Writing to Argue, Persuade and Advise

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The Hollywood Factor

I am here today to talk to this high school class about a very serious topic that is occurring everyday in our world. This problem is something that is affecting many of us in a way that needs to change. A normal teenager just like you and me are being influenced in very negative ways due to the media portraying perfection of the Hollywood population. Here's the Hollywood factor from my point of view.

As our teenager obsession with all things Hollywood grows, so does our dissatisfaction with our own physical imperfections. Be it our less than perfect complexions, asymmetrical features, and our weight; whatever the complaint we may have about our appearances, it's likely we're looking to celebrities as the standard of desired physical perfection.

Our appearance, the area which is in many ways the most difficult for us to change, is where we seem to be most influenced by the Hollywood standard and most determined to aspire to that standard. To me, it's very disturbing the high percentage of teenagers who literally starve themselves due to what they perceive of as, an unacceptable physical appearance. Anorexia

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